Granite Worktops with Confidence?

Granite worktops are a big investment. Over the years we have seen kitchens grow in size and complexity, and the cost of our worktops rise with that. Few installations cost less than £2k, many cost £5k and we have done a good number which have run into five figures. No one wants to spend that kind of money without the confidence that the people they are dealing with are serious, trustworthy and professional.


What should I look for in a granite or quartz worktop company?

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Granite Worktops with Confidence: the Value of our Trade Association

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Founding Directors of the Worktop Fabricator’s Federation

To buy granite worktops with confidence you can do a lot worse than look for a company which has the acceptance and respect of its peers within the Workshop Fabricators Federation. Started this year, and admittedly a little hampered in its initial growth by a certain virus, the WFF is now gaining members, all of whom need to be able to show a level of competence and professionalism which should immediately help calm any granite worktop buyer’s nerves!

Granite Worktops with Confidence: Three Cs to look for


Do these people know what they are doing? Is this a professional outfit? Are they covered by the essential insurances of any company in trade? (All WFF members are checked for this.) Do they have the kind of investment in people and machinery which says that, not only are they NOT going to vanish with your money, but that they really want to do a good job?

You will find out via google reviews, other customer feedback sites, including Checkatrade 

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Having the skills and the kit is one thing – using them to good effect is another. Buying granite worktops with real confidence happens when a company is clearly committed to getting it right – going the second mile if necessary. Our fitters feel physical pain if overhangs are askew, veins don’t match, if the job looks a bodge in any way.

As I write, I am conscious of an installation this week, using the lovely Cambria Portrush material. This is the first installation of Portrush in the UK. As it happens this big vein quartz is not available in mirror-image slabs to make vein matching easy. Our workshop staff were so distressed at the thought of installing an island downstand with the veins not lined up that, at considerable extra labour cost, not borne by the customer, they polished the reverse side of a large area in order to install it “inside out”, getting everything to meet up. The photo here shows the “reversed polish” island end.

Is there evidence than the company you are looking at takes that kind of care?

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Caring and careful aren’t quite the same thing. Carefulness is directed to the job in hand – it is the application of competence to the job. But being caring is about the customer themselves. In your dealings with the company you are looking at, do you feel that there is a real effort to engage with you, your needs and your level of understanding of what you are looking for? If you are replacing worktops, does the company show concern that you are going to be without a working kitchen, and make the transition as fast as possible? Is the service people- or simply profit focussed?


If those three Cs are in place, you, the customer, have every reason to feel confident as you buy quartz or granite worktops. It’s a big investment – but it doesn’t need to be a shot in the dark! We are quietly confident that we can meet the needs of the most demanding customer, and leave you happy and satisfied with your worktops for many years to come.

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We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite installer in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. We are confident that you have every reason to be confident in us! Give us a call, or come and visit, to get a feel for the best of the best when it comes to granite worktops! For advice and help on your stone worktop installation, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on .

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