Grey Textured Quartz Worktops

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Grey textured quartz worktops are the new white here at Affordable Granite! If black granite ceded its place at the top of the tree to white quartz some time back, grey quartz is now putting up a real fight to become the number one product type in our quartz worktops range. Established granular materials like Compac Cenisa and Radianz Columbia Grey sell steadily and well. But this week I wanted to look at some of the more subtle shaded and textured greys out there. We have already done some fantastic installations in materials like Caesarstone Turbine Grey (see image on the left here) and here are a few more than, in different ways, explore the same colour palette.

Bloomstones Storm Grey Quartz

Bloom Stones Storm Grey Nov 2019 134518a

Storm Grey Quartz by Bloom Stones is our first entry into this darker grey market. Really striking pattern of white and lighter grey on a darker background, with a subtle texturised surface.

Bloomstone Storm Grey Quartz BL191203 37086 161749 a
Bloomstone Storm Grey Quartz BL191203 37086 161806 a
Bloom Stones Storm Grey Nov 2019 134608a

The Bloom Stone Storm Grey has a textured, non-polished finish. This oblique shot tries to give some idea of it.

Unistone Tartufo Quartz (Honed Finish)

Unistone Tartufo Honed Quartz US200129 37432 161220 a

Very subtle, mysterious and dark, the Unistone Tartufo quartz is an excellent option if you are looking for a dark grey that isn’t boring. Available in a honed or polished finish, we think that the matter look suits it well.

Unistone Tartufo Honed Quartz US200129 37432 161233 a
Unistone Tartufo Honed Quartz US200129 37432 161246 a

Global Quartz Hoxton Quartz

Global Quartz Hoxton SC200115 37392 142339a

Global Quartz is a brand that has been very much at entry-level of the quartz market up to now, but they have started to produce some far more interesting stones. Although at the more expensive end of the spectrum, materials like their new Hoxton quartz compete well against their peers, and may still appeal to customers for whom budget is a significant factor.

I really like the patterning on the Hoxton. The large-scale pattern is reminiscent of the crystal structure in some natural stones, and should make quartz worktops in Hoxton very liveable with. Once again, the material is available in a lightly textured finish.

grey textured quartz grey quartz worktops Global Quartz Hoxton SC200115 37392 142353a
Global Quartz Hoxton SC200115 37392 142357a

Textured grey kitchen worktops: Other possibilities

If you are looking for a quiet, gently-patterned grey with a hint of texture, don’t forget that natural stones (granites) are often available in textured finishes on a bespoke basis. Some years again we saw a lot of Steel Grey Caress pass through our workshop, and we are still fans of this lovely and practical stone.

Steel Grey Caress – while stock lasts

For something wilder – and certainly wilder than any of the grey textured quartz materials featured – granites like Belvedere are worth looking at. The textured finish (in this case, Leather) actually turns the black surface of Black Fusion or Cosmic Black into a range of subtle, darker greys. We have seen some great installations in matt or Leather versions of all of these stones, as well as the Black Beauty from Sensa.


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