It is always interesting to attend design shows to keep abreast of kitchen trends and materials.

The K & B Show was combined with the Ecobuild show where the emphasis is on environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials.

I can’t mention everything but my highlights from the show include the following:


Cooking directly on your worktop!

Seeing the TPB Tech® worktop in action.

A complete island where the entire worktop can be used as an induction hob. As an induction driven product, a saucepan can be boiling away on it while all the other areas are completely cool. The really great thing about this material is that there are absolutely no places that are going to be hard to clean. TPB Tech is an incredibly practical option for commercial and domestic use. TPB Tech are from Barcelona and you can see more information here.

Nikola Tesla hobs by Elica.

These hobs have an integrated extractor as part of the centre of the hob, thus negating the need for a separate down-draught or ceiling/wall extractor hood. They can either be ducted, taking the extracted air right away from the room, or can function in a recycling mode. Both options can be installed into a 600mm base. Being at the centre of the cooking zones makes the extractor extremely efficient as well as good looking. For more information, see here.


Extractor in a Nikola Tesla hob by Elica. Picture from their website – see link.


Colourful and original – bespoke glass by Jane Ducarreaux

Fused glass originals

One of the most eye-catching stands was that of Jane Ducarreaux, a fused glass artist from Hertfordshire. Her beautiful and bespoke handmade designs were so colourful that I couldn’t walk past without finding out more. Jane’s work is a good place to start if you are looking for a truly unique glass splash-back for your kitchen. Contact Jane here.

All in all it was worth going to the exhibition – there may have not been as many new, earth-shaking elements as at some shows, but I enjoyed the day and it is always good to get out of the office and meet other kitchen people.


Naomi King, Business Manager

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