platinum jubilee special offer quartz worktops bunting
Platinum jubilee selected quartz worktops special offer FINAL week red

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Our Platinum Jubilee Special Offer is entering its final week! Grab the royal offers while ye can!

Platinum Jubilee Stock Quartz Worktops Special Offer - Final Week

This is just a reminder that we are offering five quartz worktops stones at one price band lower than usual in our Platinum Jubilee Special Offer this June. The five are: 

  • Global Cream Mirror
  • Global Grey Galaxy
  • Lumina Astral White
  • Cimstone Cortina
  • Classic Quartz Fiji

Of these, we already had a feature blog on Classic Quartz Fiji a couple of weeks ago. The other stones are not to be despised though – here is just a reminder of why they are great materials and brilliant value in this queenly offer.

Global Cream Mirror swatch sample

Global Quartz Cream Mirror – The classic mirror chip look, but not in an in-your-face style. Relatively understated, and with a bit of a mixture of colours in there (unlike some cream mirror quartz), this Global product can blend with many decor plans and kitchen styles. And, like all mirror-fleck quartz worktops, they can be VERY liveable with.

platinum jubilee special offer Global Grey Galaxy swatch sample

Global Quartz Grey Galaxy – the grey equivalent of the Cream Mirror, Grey Galaxy is a lighter grey with a slightly smaller chip than typical grey mirror quartz worktops like Silestone Gris Stellar and Technistone Starlight Grey. We like it, as those smaller flecks put it closer to the present trend to more subtle sparkle.

platinum jubilee special offer Lumina Astral White swatch sample_1

Lumina Astral White – and here is the really subtle sparkle – Astral White is a smooth, fine grained white quartz worktop with an occasional subtle sparkle. There is just enough going on to give it life and practicality, and not so much as to be at all blingy. A superb stone – and at a better price than ever for this week!

Cimstone Cortina CS200812 38555 165023 swatch a

Çimstone Cortina is a well-known and loved stone – from the top of our in-stock range. Even without the Platinum Jubilee Special Offer it is one of our biggest sellers. It comes from Turkish quartz worktops giant Çimstone, and is really worth grabbing while you have a chance at this special offer price.

The offer is simple on these four materials, plus Classic Quartz Fiji – they are all being discounted by one price band. On a medium – large size kitchen that means between £200 and £400 of discount!

platinum jubilee special offer quartz worktops bunting

Platinum Jubilee Stock Quartz Worktops Special Offer - The Final Week

For full details of the offer, and of the other, remnant, slabs available, please see the main Special Offer page.

platinum jubilee special offer quartz worktops bunting

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