Two new ranges of materials from Quartz Worktop Giants Silestone

Some months ago, back in the warm days of early summer, I wrote about the Sunlit Days range from Silestone. Now the days are grey and the air is cold, the cool tones of Silestone’s other new materials seem very appropriate. This week, the Loft series; next week the new Ethereal Range. Both collections are made with Hybriq+ technology, so I will comment on that this week.

The Loft Series and Ethereal Range, like Sunlit Days, are manufactured with Hybriq+ branding – which means they have one of the best environmental profiles in the quartz worktop industry. Reduced crystalline silica, fully recycled process water, renewable energy used in production, at least 20% recycled material – this is progress.

That final figure – 20% – may seem low, but when compared with unbranded quartz, this is a vast improvement that you will only see with the big manufacturers. If the provenance of materials matters to you – if energy, water and working standards mean something to you – then working with the big brands is the only way you can take steps to make sure your quartz worktops don’t cost the earth.

Silestone Hybriq logo and image granite worktops

Silestone Hybriq+ Loft Series

The Silestone Loft series is inspired by five neighbourhoods / cities around the world. As their own blurb has it, “Our journey begins in the United Kingdom, in the busy city of Camden, London. Travelling to the continent, we then enjoy the entrancing colours of the light of the Mediterranean in PobleNou. Then, leaving Europe, we head for New York. There, we walk through Seaport; a neighbourhood of colour and maritime efflorescence, leading on to Manhattan where we enter the daring and sophisticated Nolita. Our journey through this world of colour and sensation ends in Detroit, in the ever-elegant and iconic Corktown.”

Quite whether the locals in these five neighbourhoods would be able to identify which of these five new Silestones was inspired by their town is a question I dare not ask. However, these five quartz worktop materials are really on trend. All are offered only in lovely matt textures – none are high-shine. They are earthy, urban, concrety and a joy to touch. Worth checking out.


Silestone Loft Series: Camden Quartz Worktops

A practical, greigy, worn-concrete and urban warmth are the hallmarks of Camden. Very liveable with as a colour, it blends with all kinds of other decor to hold your kitchen together.


Camden is the most economical of the Loft Series materials. You don’t have to live in Camden to afford it! 😉

Silestone Camden detail swatch
Photo_Silestone Loft_Moodboard_Camden_1.1

Silestone Loft Series: Corktown Quartz Worktops

Silestone say, “Corktown’s dark grey is the most intense, solid and darkest tone in the Loft series. The dark background is a stunning blend of intense brown touches and an extra matte finish. Evocative of worn surfaces with the patina of long use, its designed for the most sophisticated of spaces.”

Silestone Loft series Corktown quartz worktops 102118

Silestone Loft Series: Nolita Quartz Worktops

Nolita is the lightest shade in the Loft series. How often we are looking for good white-on-white, limestone-looking materials to show customers; Nolita fits right in to that slot. Cool and bright, sitting on the cusp of natural and industrial, it will breathe life and light into your kitchen.

Silestone Loft series Nolita quartz worktops 061804

Silestone Loft Series: Poblenou Quartz Worktops

Named after a district of Barcelona (I had to check, and I’ve been there half a dozen times!) Poblenou is a warm grey with subtle surface veining. The sandy background brings brightness and offers a comforting texture and familiar feel. A matte colour reminiscent of Mediterranean sand, it is the ideal tone to embrace in a family home.

Silestone Loft series Poblenou quartz worktops 061804

Silestone Loft Series: Seaport Quartz Worktops

According to Silestone, “Exposed brick, old cement and weathered wood from the docks created the colour range that inspired our Seaport. Thanks to the effect of its colour and shades, it is similar to dark, worn concrete, and its strong white shades blend in perfectly with the background.”

Silestone Loft series Seaport quartz worktops 110605 (1)

Silestone Hybriq+ Loft Series

The Loft series gives you up to date design flair with those greige, urban tones, and an approach to the environmental impact of its manufacture which goes some way to calm our concerns about the effect of our industry on the planet. We have included all of these new materials on our main Silestone swatch page, and will be happy to talk further with you about these products if you contact us.

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