Back when I was a vicar people used to say to me in December, “This is your busy time, isn’t it?!” If you happen to know a man (or woman) of the cloth, I would suggest that this may not be a good thing to say. It was always said with just a hint that the real meaning was, “This is the only time of year when you do a stroke of work, isn’t it?” And it certainly didn’t do justice to just how busy life could be, at Christmas AND year round.

People might be surprised to know that the pre-Christmas period is “our busy time” in the solid stone kitchen worktops industry. I guess it’s the lure of having the brand-new kitchen up and running for the big family gathering – you have to show mum-in-law that her daughter is being looked after. Or something.


Anyway, for whatever reason, things are busy now. And tend to be quiet in January and February. And that leads to two things – both of which, at time of writing*, have to do with the number eleven.

(*I am writing the day before the Blog is published, on 20 November)

11 days until the end of November. That means 11 days to take advantage of our New Year worktop offer.

Every year we encourage people to think about having their worktops in the New Year, not before Christmas, so as to smooth our flow of work. We encourage by making the New Year installation price significantly cheaper than for fitting before Christmas. But you have to book before the end of this month. 

Now is the time to take advantage of the offer. We will quote for pre- and post-Christmas regardless. Even if you are already planning on a New Year fit (and so need no encouragement) you can still take advantage.

Grab the offer while it’s there!


11 installation slots to go before Christmas AT TIME OF WRITING. If you DO want to get the new quartz or granite worktops in before Rudolph and his chums are clip clopping over your roof, you have little time left to get your order in. I am now away for a few days… and I suspect that we will be sold out up to Christmas by the time I get back.

Please don’t leave it if you want us to fit for you before the end of the year!

That’s it, really. We just don’t want anyone to get a nasty surprise when they get in touch for a quotation in the second week of December and are surprised that we can’t fit before Christmas. There will be some, though. Perhaps I should organise an office sweepstake on when the last one of those does come in.

Whoops – not very vicarish!


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