Granite and Quartz Worktops: New slabs at AG

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Late Autumn and the Christmas rush is on at AG! What that means is a lot of stone moving through the place quite fast – in-coming deliveries of granite and quartz slabs, and the workshop and fitters working flat out to get those countertops in before the festive season. As a result we seem to have more new materials to photograph than ever, and we thought we would have a quick round up of a few.

Please note that these are not stock granite and quartz materials – they are bought-in especially for customers ona  bespoke basis. Stock materials offer the best value for money, but a narrower range of choice.

Bloom Stones Storm Grey Quartz

Bloom Stones Storm Grey Nov 2019 134518a

Bloom Stone have entered the darker grey market with this striking material, Storm Grey. I saw it for the first time today, and I think it looks pretty good. Compare it with Turbine Grey from Caesarstone if this is the kind of look you are wanting.

Bloom Stones Storm Grey Nov 2019 134548a
Bloom Stones Storm Grey Nov 2019 134608a

The Storm Grey comes in a textured, non-polished finish, which I’ve tried to capture in this oblique shot.

Cambria Skye Quartz

Cambria Skye CA191108 36922 140012a

Unmissable, unmistakeable, unforgettable… Skye by Cambria is the boldest, wildest blue – entering the market just when many companies were dropping the big colour quartz materials altogether. I have to say that I love it – great to see the option for bold colour still alive and kicking

Cambria Skye CA191108 36922 140041a

Culliford's Misty Carrera Quartz

Cullifords Misty Carrera quartz 135659a

Misty Carrera is a newly available marble-look quartz from Gerald Culliford of Kingston. Not for the first time I have found myself saying, “Cullifords don’t deal in rubbish.” I don’t know where the Kingston-based stone importers are sourcing this stuff, but it is beautiful, with a soft, non-polished surface texture which feels lovely to the touch.

Cullifords Misty Carrera quartz 135718a

Classic Quartz Calacatta Vegle

Classic Quartz Calacatta Vegle CQ191031 36876 123558a

Warm, creamy and with incredible detail in the veining, Classic Quartz Calacatta Vegle is a very welcome addition to the massive range of marble-look materials (big vein and mottle) from Classic Quartz.

Classic Quartz Calacatta Vegle CQ191031 36876 123629a

Unistone Cendre Velluto

Unistone Cendre Velluto US191002 36643 175412a

The concrete look is in, as are materials with soft, non-polished textures. Unistone offers their “velluto” finish on many of their stones, and this lovely, warm quartz is an excellent product to have the matt treatment. We have just completed a large quartz kitchen worktop instalation in it.

Unistone Cendre Velluto US191002 36643 175500a

Caesarstone Georgian Bluffs

Caesarstone Georgian Bluffs quartz worktops 103923a

Over the last year our relationship with Caesarstone has grown ever closer – and watch this space for exciting developments as we enter 2020! The company offers some superlative, very high-end stones, but the cool, soft tones of Georgian Bluffs come at what is actually a very economical price tag. We look forward to selling a lot more of this lovely quartz worktop material in the New Year.

Caesarstone Georgian Bluffs quartz worktops 104007a

Rosso Luana Granite

Rosso Luana Granite CU190410 35347 112224

I think Rosso Luana is my favourite of the natural stones we have seen this year. Awesome patterning in a granite worktop!

Rosso Luana Granite CU190410 35347 112252

Belvedere Granite with a vintage finish

Belvedere Granite Vintage finish LE190708 36080 112731a

The trend to non-polished finishes is not confined to man-made stones. Often a leathered or honed finish brings out subtle shades which polishing doesn’t show – although there can be issues with cleaning and maintenance. All the same, I loved this slab of Belvedere granite…

Belvedere Granite Vintage finish LE190708 36080 112922a

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© Images from Affordable Granite / Andrew King Photography

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