Quartz Worktops - It's getting Warmer!

As spring sunshine starts to have a bit of power in it (and haven’t the last few weeks been beautiful?!) many people are busy renovating their homes. One trend that we have noticed has been to warmer tones in kitchens in general and kitchen worktops in particular.

For a long time we have felt a little bit “you can have any colour you like, so long as it’s white!” This still holds true for about 90% of quartz worktops, to be honest, but we have seen a definite drift in that last 10%. Warm quartz worktops are coming in!

Radianz Alluring quartz Granite worktops leatherhead surrey 111500a

Radianz Alluring

Calacatta Lusso and Radianz Rioa

A comparative image of a few big-vein marble-look quartz products with a bit of colour

Very often colour is quite subtle, but it’s very definitely there. Several manufacturers have Calacatta-type kitchen worktop materials with coloured veins. This kind of quartz worktop does need care in tyhe planning and installation, of course, because those long veins will look like a dog’s dinner if they don’t match up right. But get a good installation in these, and they look really great! (For more on vein-matching in quartz worktops, please see here.)

Oxted Surrey Affordable Granite Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold

A long, narrow island in Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold

A hugely successful and influential product has been Silestone’s Eternal Calacatta Gold. It was the first to successfully bring a touch of gold to the Calacatta look – very subtly, but definitely. Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, and now we sell quartz worktops with a Calacatta Gold look from a number of manufacturers, including Çimstone and CosyStone.


Cendre by Unistone – tones of warm mortar


Unistone Silver Sea – very easy to live with, and definitely warm. 

It isn’t only in the Calacatta-veined quartz worktops that we see colour coming back. The concrete look doesn’t have to be a cold and forbidding grey. And the Berwyn/Fiji look doesn’t have to be colourless, as this shot of Unistone Silver Sea demonstrates.

Radianz Rio Quartz Worktops Horley 205658

Radianz Rio quartz worktops and splashback in a Brighton Kitchen

warm quartz worktops Norden Kitchens Affordable Granite Classic Quartz Calacatta Gold 210409 151832

Classic Quartz Calacatta Gold with an ogee edge

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