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At Affordable Granite we are constantly seeking to improve our links with our suppliers. We look for companies who can provide the highest quality products and service. That helps us in turn to provide the best possible materials and service to our customers.

We offer a variety of brands to suit every taste, kitchen colour scheme and budget. That means working with the legendary names in quartz worktops, like Caesarstone, Radianz, Silestone and Cambria, and also being open to the new kids on the block, like Classic Quartz.


Caesarstone are at the top end for quality and at the leading edge for design in quartz worktops. They also offer excellent customer service – you can’t take that for granted from the big quartz companies. Caesarstone UK has been working with us on a special deal for our customers.


We have selected 10 colours from their range, on which we will have an additional 10% discount throughout 2020. We will be passing all of that on to you, our customer. We have chosen the colours carefully so that there is something for traditional and more classic styled kitchens and also for contemporary and more industrial style kitchen schemes.

Of course, we are still able to offer the complete Caesarstone UK range if our Top Ten doesn’t quite hit the spot for you. And rest assured, all of our regular discount from this top brand will go to making the price to you as competitive as possible.

Over the coming months we hope to look at each of our chosen colours in more depth but here is a first introduction to all ten!

Caesarstone Promotion: Airy Concrete

caesarstone quartz worktops offer 4044_Airy_Concrete_2_Single_Pagea

Airy Concrete We chose this because it has a textured finish in a cool-toned grey. Many of the textured-finish or concrete-effect quartz materials on the market are warmer browner greys. This stone looks stunning on high gloss white slab doors but also equally lifts a Midnight Blue kitchen.

Caesarstone Promotion: Atlantic Salt

Atlantic Salt – we have noticed an increasing number of customers choosing more granular worktops in both granite and quartz materials. Our own Salt & Pepper Granite has made a big come-back recently. The Atlantic Salt from Caesarstone has the creative variation in granule size which marks it out as a premium product. The colours are neutral tones of creamy-white through to darker buff-grey. There are further small dark flecks which would work well with black induction hobs and appliances.

caesarstone quartz worktops offer 6270_Atlantic_Salt_CloseUp_2a

Caesarstone Promotion: Bianco Drift

caesarstone quartz worktops offer 6131_Bianco_Drift_CloseUp_2_LRa

Bianco Drift A perennial favourite, Bianco Drift is a lovely light stone-coloured quartz. Its subtle but warm browns and off whites give it character. They can help to pull together a colour scheme where two different colour cabinets are used. I love Caesarstone Bianco Drift on dark woods and olives as much as on alabaster or white doors.

Caesarstone Promotion: Calacatta Nuvo

Calacatta Nuvo We simply had to have a large-veined white marble-look quartz in this Top Ten range. Caesarstone are kings of the natural, Bianco Drift-look, while Silestone and Classic Quartz might consider themselves the big boys in large-veined marble. But we feel that the Calacatta Nuvo gives the Silestone Eternals a decent run for their money – and under this promotion, it may well come out significantly cheaper. The vein is big but not over-powering and, as with all the Caesarstone marbled-quartzes, is very natural-looking. We would definitely recommend seeing this in a large sheet as a small sample won’t do it justice!

caesarstone quartz worktops offer 5131_Calacatta_Nuvo_CloseUp_3_CUTLERYa

Caesarstone Promotion: Clamshell

caesarstone quartz worktops offer 4130_Clamshell_close_up_1a

Clamshell A favourite of ours, Clamshell has a warm grey tone and echoes Travertine or Carboniferous Limestone with its little fossil-like inclusions. The light tones in the stone team really well with paint colours like “Pointing” and “Skimming Stone” from Farrow & Ball, and Little Greene’s “Slaked Lime”.

Caesarstone Promotion: Excava

Excava We just had to choose the Excava as we love it here and have it on display. We have lost count of the number of customers who have seen it and fallen in love with it at first sight. And no one else makes anything quite like it! The industrial texture and grey background colour combine with the warm copper tones to really give this stone a tremendous wow factor. And that surface finish is also excellent in practice – easy to live with and durable. To include Excava in our Top ten was a no-brainer! The stone is not cheap, but the extra discount is going to go a long way to help throughout 2020.

caesarstone quartz worktops offer 4046_Excava_3_Banner_1920X890pxa
caesarstone quartz worktops offer 4046_Excava_Midrange_dps_1_fina

Caesarstone Promotion: Georgian Bluffs

caesarstone quartz worktops offer georgian bluffs

Georgian Bluffs is a beautiful subtle grey marbled quartz. To me, this colour works particularly well with strong colours like 2020’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Classic Blue. The colours of the year from the paint manufacturers are greener: Tranquil Dawn by Dulux is a beautiful calming wall colour. Ideal Home has suggested leafy greens. Georgian Bluffs quartz worktops look fabulous with all of these! Also, check out strong greens like Duck Green from Farrow & Ball and green-blues like Tea with Florence and Marine Blue from Little Greene.

Even without this promotion, we feel that Georgian Bluffs offers exceptional value for money. With the offer, it shouts for your consideration!

Caesarstone Promotion: Nougat

Nougat We have chosen Nougat because this classic winter white can be teamed with almost every style of kitchen from traditional farmhouse through to modern industrial. The pattern of different sized grains sets it apart from some cheaper alternatives, and the slight variation of off-white through to warmer grey means that it can look superb with Kashmir and Stone-coloured doors, but equally good on dark greys, blues and greens.

caesarstone quartz worktops offer 6600_Nougat_Cu_Landscapea

Caesarstone Promotion: Raw Concrete

caesarstone quartz worktops offer 4004_Raw_Concrete_CU_landscape_1a

Raw Concrete One of Caesarstone’s top-selling colours, with a smooth, matt finish, Raw Concrete has established itself as a favourite here, even at full price. This warm stone can look stunning on a handleless white door or equally on dark wood or industrial style cabinets. And with the additional discount, it will be more affordable than you think.

Caesarstone Promotion: Turbine Grey

Turbine Grey We chose the beautiful Turbine grey for something a bit richer and darker with real depth. We recently had this in the workshop and several of us when walking through, thought that the piece was natural stone! It is bang on the money for that greige look, but heading more to the natural, rather than the industrial side. Superb material – and again, unique to the Caesarstone palette!

caesarstone quartz worktops offer 6313_Turbine Grey_CU_landscapea

So there you have it – a superb range of materials with an excellent level of discount from one of the world’s greatest and most original quartz manufacturing companies. We are proud of our excellent relationship with Caesarstone and appreciate the efforts that they have gone to in order to develop this kind of working partnership with worktop fabricators like ourselves. We hope you will find something here that could really top out your kitchen with class in 2020!

caesarstone quartz worktops offer 6134_Georgian_Bluffs_CU_Landscapea

We are Affordable Granite, the leading installer of granite and quartz worktops in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. If you would like any more advice on Caesarstone or any of the other major quartz brands, Silestone, Radianz, Classic Quartz, Technistone, Unistone, Quarella, Arenastone, Cimstone amongst others, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01293 863992 or by email on Or you can use our quotation or contact forms.

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