Some changes to our stock granite - plus one amazing bespoke stone!

The start of 2022 sees a few changes to our range of stock natural stones for granite worktops. It is always good to review what we are actually selling, to make sure that our range is keeping up with market trends. Compared to quartz, the market for natural stone worktops (granite) is relatively stable – the classic stones just go on being classic stones. But every so often something new becomes available, and we make adjustments with lower sellers saying farewell and newcomers added to the list.


The new natural stones mentioned below all feature on our stock granite worktops page – jump there to see the full range!

Sensa Indian Black is here to stay!

It has been a while since we first sold Indian Black – the wildly-patterned stone, deep-sealed by Cosentino of Spain under their Sensa brand. At a time when people are returning to natural materials and looking for big statements from worktop stones, Sensa Indian Black punches way above its weight. It is NOT expensive, but has an impact in pattern and colour to match stones at twice the wholesale price. We love it – a truly affordable granite, with real wow factor.

Sensa Indian Black CO210721 40609 155904 a

A full slab of Sensa Indian Black Granite

Sensa Indian Black CO210721 40609 155923 a

A close up of Sensa Indian Black Granite – please forgive the reflections off that high polish!

kitchen worktop trends Sensa Indian Black Bar Oxted Limspfield 133657

A recent installation in an Oxted, Surrey, bar with Sensa Indian Black Granite worktops

Introducing Sensa Siberia

The continuing popularity of light-coloured worktops and the swing back towards natural stone worktops has left us looking for good, reliable white granites. With Kashmir White and River White granites both in somewhat erratic supply in terms of both availability and quality, we wanted to bring another stone in alongside Sensa Colonial White.

Sensa Siberia Granite is a very white stone, with very clearly defined black speckles breaking it up every so often. Close in, there is far more going on in terms of beautiful crystalline structure, with creamy tones and cool whites interleaved to form a beautiful, bright whole.

We don’t know how porous this material would be without the Sensa sealing process – but as that seal comes with a long guarantee, you can be confident that you are buying a solid and safe choice for your granite worktops when you go with Sensa Siberia!

Sensa Siberia granite natural stone worktops CO210118 41980 125026 (1) a

A full slab of Sensa Siberia Granite

Sensa Siberia CO210118 41980 125101 a

A close up of Sensa Siberia Granite 


Sensa Siberia Granite – an official Cosentino photo

One goodbye - Stargate Granite

As a result of the trend to whiter and wilder natural stones, we have seem some reduction in black granite sales. Black Pearl and Black Galaxy granites are still very popular, but we have not sold enough Stargate to merit keeping it on as a stock material. This saddens me; I was responsible for our first instalations in Stargate, and I have always liked this black stone. With its softly edged, silvery flecks, it is a great monochrome alternative to Black Galaxy, and a harder-wearing aletrnative to black mirror chip quartzes like Silestone Negro Stellar.

However, needs must. We should still be able to get hold of Stargate on a bespoke basis, and for many installations it shouldn’t work out ridiculously expensive.

natural stone Stargate granite worktops

Stargate Granite

And one special guest: Cristallo Granite

Every so often, one of our supply companies sends us some slabs on a sale or return basis. Often, these are to introduce us to a new material, with a view to our either stocking it, or doing more work in it. The strategy works – one pair of slabs may be seen by a string of customers, who end up ordering far more than the original consignment. Add in the yet further customers who then see the later oprders, and you can see how stones can go from zero to hero. We saw very much this process with Cosmic White granite.


Mainstream Granite recently sent us two slabs of a stone they are calling Cristallo. We think it is a quartzite, and it is absolutely stunning. Not least, the quality of the polish on it is the best I have ever seen, bar none. The surface is like glass! If you like real stone, with relatively muted tones and pattern, but still lots going on, these slabs could be of interest. With this kind of material, every batch may be quite different, and we have no guarantee of further availability. So… first come, first served…

Cristallo Granite worktops natural stone in your kitchen MS211122 41639 125937 (1) a

Cristallo Granite

Cristallo Granite MS211122 41639 130030 a

Part of the slab of Cristallo Granite

Cristallo Granite natural stone worktops MS211122 41639 130014 a

Close-up of Cristallo granite

Of course, with materials that are completely new to us, we have as yet no insight into how the stuff cuts and polishes, or how it will work out in the kitchen. This is the reality of natural stone worktops! We would expect to have further discussion with Mainstream as and when a customer is after these slabs, to talk through how they see the stone’s suitability, its strengths and challenges.

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© Images from Affordable Granite / Andrew King Photography, with the exception of the Siberia slab image as marked from Cosentino UK.

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