October 2019 saw a significant change in the office and granite worktops sales team with Annabel joining us in the showroom as our receptionist and sales trainee. Coming from a background of media and PR with a solid degree in journalism, Annabel brings a great combination of warmth, efficiency and a lively, inquisitive intelligence which seems to soak up information rather quickly! And she can write – it’s lovely to let her loose on the blog…

Granite worktops sales team:

Annabel's view as a new member

I’m Annabel, the newest member of the Affordable Granite team, having started on reception only four short weeks ago. If you come to visit us or give us a call you will most likely be talking to me.

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Before starting at Affordable Granite, I had no prior knowledge of granite worktops, quartz worktops or any part of the kitchen installation process for that matter. Not a clue about the most frequently asked questions – questions like, What’s the difference between granite and quartz? What’s more expensive? And what on earth is a chamfered edge!?

I am fascinated with how quick the whole process from choosing to installing can be. The speed the whole Affordable Granite team are able to work at is amazing, making sure your job is completed when you need it to be. It’s clear that precision and care is taken to make sure the installation fits into your timescale and is all done to the highest quality.

Cosmic White Granite Worktops, Redhill Surrey
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I also didn’t appreciate the importance of coming to see the stones in person. I knew natural stones can vary from slab to slab but what surprised me was so can the man-made ones. A small square sample won’t give you the true feeling for how the swirls and veins will look in your home once it’s installed, so seeing it in person can be a big bonus.

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Sitting behind my desk in the corner of the showroom I get to meet everyone that comes in. Each person is so different in terms of what their style is and what their choice of stone is for. Walking in to Affordable Granite you are spoilt for choice; there really is something for every job. But it is also no surprise to me that some customers can sometimes feel a little lost walking into the process of choosing a stone. But that’s ok – the sales team here really can talk you through it like they have with me!

If you’re planning on coming down to see us or giving us a call, I look forward to speaking to you and hearing about your project.

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We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite installer in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. We are committed to recruitment and training of quality staff so as to continue to offer the best, most caring, and most intelligent customer service you will find in our market. For questions, queries and quotes connected with any aspect of worktop installation or kitchen design, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on .

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