New Brillo Gris Quartz Worktops | Kitchen Transformation Horley Surrey

Mr and Mrs L of Horley had a small kitchen with Schreiber units dating back a number of years, but still very serviceable. Mr L did the major work involved – the removal of the units, the removal of one wall to make a far larger room, and replacement of the units, together with a number of new units purchased from Wickes. It seems that some contemporary Wickes units are all but identical with old Schreiber lines – I couldn’t spot which was which around the kitchen.

The Bosch hob and cooker were reused; the Franke sink, Franke tap and white tiles from Porcelanosa were all new. The result of the makeover is an excellent and modern kitchen, upgraded and expanded, and with all the appearance of everything having been fitted at the same time.

Mr and Mrs L were delighted with the choice of Classic Quartz Brillo Gris quartz worktops from Affordable Granite – at the time our stock sparkly grey. Grey is hugely popular at present, and the granular, sparkly look especially so, as it is contemporary but easy to look after in terms of daily and long term maintenance. Brillo Gris has now been replaced for us by the Silestone Gris Stellar – a near identical stone at the same price, but from a major brand.


Classic L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-shape with a small section (1200mm) of worktop on the opposite wall is a classic design which we often come across in smaller kitchens.

Reversible Franke Sink

The Franke CPX-160 is a popular stainless steel, undermounted one-and-a-half bowl sink. It is available in big-bowl-right and big-bowl left versions or, as here, in the reversible “T-shape” configuration.

Sink cutout detail

We cut the standard five 300mm drainage grooves, running into the smaller bowl. The texture of the quartz can be clearly seen here.

20mm radius corners

The three exposed corners were all rounded to 20mm radius.

Detail of corner join

There is one join, at the corner, to form the L-shape. The join is seen as a subtle line, 2-3mm wide, across the worktop.

Classic Quartz Brillo Gris

Classic Quartz Brillo Gris is a typical sparkly grey engineered stone. We now stock Gris Stellar from Silestone – a bigger brand and an exceptional quartz.

Our standard edge profile

A good example of our standard chamfer edge profile. We also manufacture a pencil round edge, but at extra cost. Our default edging is the one seen here.

Reused hob

A successful example of the reuse of a good quality hob. Provided removal is careful, refitting is perfectly feasible.