Horsham, West Sussex - Kashmir Gold Kitchen Worktops

Mr and Mrs D of Horsham wanted the warmth and pattern of a genuine natural stone worktop on their contemporary graphite and cream gloss Howdens units. Their own background in geology was part of the desire for the “real thing”, and they knew the way natural and synthetic materials can come together to create a unique and complementary fusion. The result is stunning – both the grey and cream/gold elements in the Kashmir Gold stone echo colours in the units, and the whole kitchen holds together as one of the most colour-aware designs we have seen.

Appliances are by AEG for the triple oven set – conventional, microwave/combi, steam – and for the Eurokera hob. The fridge freezer is by Samsung, and the dual temperature wine cabinet is by CDA.

These granite kitchen worktops are the first we have fitted that have then had a FeelsWarm® heating pad installed. Some people are put off granite worktops, especially for breakfast bars and eating areas, because the stone can feel cold to the touch. Sometimes islands are made in dual materials – granite and oak for instance – for exactly this reason. FeelsWarm have developed an alternative solution: ultra-thin heating elements that can take the chill out of stone, bringing added luxury to your home. The stone worktop is heated just in the areas you require and because the heat doesn’t travel through the granite, surrounding areas stay cool for food prep, pastry work etc. FeelsWarm® is marketed exclusively in the UK by CreativeGeology. See their website here: www.creativegeology.com/


Distinctive Kashmir Gold Granite

The zig-zag patterning in this particular example of Kashmir Gold was one of the features that first drew our customers’ attention to these slabs

Hidden Power When Needed

The island has hob, breakfast bar and pop up socket, the main food preparation areas being on the worktops.

Sensiopod Popup Power

Now you see it now you don’t – Sensiopod popup power and Bluetooth socket, fitted in the island.

Square Cut Island, Radius Corners

The island is cut square, with tight radius corners; this compliments the clean, angular look of the rest of the kitchen.

No Chill FeelsWarm® Pads

The underside of the island overhang/breakfast bar showing the FeelsWarm® pads that keep the stone always a few degrees above room temperature: enough to lose that initial cold shock.

1810 Company Stainless Steel Sink

The sink is the 1810 Company’s Etroduo in Stainless Steel. This has become our standard and most appreciated sink over recent years. The tap is a Mayfair Rosy Kitchen Mono Mixer in chrome finish.

Extra Long Worktop Run

The sink run is actually 3.17 metres long, made in one piece. This would be impossible in most quartz products due to the limited overall slab length.

Low Profile Upstands

Low upstands (approx. 50mm) run along the wall, with just one section of higher material acting as a splashback behind the sink and below the window sill.