Quartz Worktops by Radianz® represent big-brand quality and customer service.  Radianz®  has some great designs and colours which reach the parts other quartz brands do not go even near.


Rangoon Black – we are not fond of black quartz worktops due to smearing,
scratching and general wear and tear issues.
However, this Radianz® product is probably our favourite of the blacks out there.

What are Radianz Quartz Worktops?

Radianz® is a brand of quartz – made by LOTTE of South Korea. As with all the other engineered stones sold as “quartz”, Radianz® is around 92% sand, quartz and glass, and 7-8% a plastic resin. For twenty years Radianz® was made and sold under the parent brand Samsung, through its massive chemicals division, but a strategic merger has recently placed it within LOTTE ADVANCED MATERIALS (LAM). LOTTE is the #1 solid materials producer in Korea and #3 in the world.

If LOTTE seems an odd name for an East Asian company, you are tuned in pretty well! The unusual company name was given out of the affection of the founder Shin Kyuk-Ho for Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and especially for his famous novel ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’, and its female protagonist ‘Charlotte’.

Radianz® is imported into the UK by our friends at Gerald Culliford of Kingston.  They are probably the best importer of quality and exotic natural stones in the country. The fact that they have chosen Radianz® says a lot about the quality and pedigree of the product. In terms of finish and durability, Radianz® quartz worktops are hard to beat.

For more information about Gerald Culliford see here.

Bigger Slabs Can Work Out Cheaper

The standard quartz slab in the industry is 3.05m by 1.4m. You would be amazed how often that is just too small to make a set of quartz worktops in an efficient way, in terms of slab cutting. It is striking how often the standard Radianz® slab, at 3.1m by 1.52m, just makes the difference between buying in, say, three slabs and buying in two.

When that occurs, the relatively “standard” colours made in some form or another by almost all quartz companies can work out more economical in Radianz®, even though they may be more expensive per square metre. The bonus in that is that the surface finish on Radianz® quartz worktops is just so good; hard wearing and stain-resistant, our subjective impression is that these products are some of the very best available. The workshop guys love it too, for ease and predictability in cutting and polishing.

Ural Grey

Ural Grey – a classic darker grey that can be an efficient
option in some kitchens due to the larger slab size

Almost all manufacturers of engineered stone for quartz worktops produce mirror quartzes. These are sparkly stones in a variety of colours, but most frequently black, white, grey and cream. They are immensely popular, but relatively samey.  Radianz® has gone a step beyond with their Noble Range. This is a far earthier selection of sparkly materials that work really well with current “natural look kitchens”, and especially the trend to soft greys. They are somehow sparkly without being blingy. The range includes Midnight Sapphire, one of the finest blue quartz worktop stones we have yet seen.


Images from our installation of Radianz® Mirama Bronze quartz worktops in Horsted Keynes, West Sussex. See here for more details.

Along with other manufacturers, Radianz® has been working hard on marble-look materials for quartz worktops. The natural marble look in engineered stone  (sometimes called Faux Marble) is very popular already, and still getting bigger in the UK market. Thus far we have seen two Radianz® marble-look quartz worktop materials that are available in the UK. Denali Cloud and Lucern Lake are both soft, warm-white or slightly creamy small vein marbles with a very natural pattern and the great surface finish that is so typical of Radianz®.

Incidentally, the slab size for these two materials is even larger: 3.2 by 1.6m, making them ideal for those big island installations.


LOTTE – Makers of Radianz® Quartz Worktops – the new branding proud on the back of a slab of Denali Cloud in our warehouse

For the full range of Radianz® products, please see here.

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