Radianz Quartz combines the beauty of the natural world with Samsung intelligence, fusing natural quartz crystals with technologically advanced polymers. The result is an extremely hard, durable quartz surface with performance and aesthetic characteristics that go far beyond that of other stone products.

In addition to high quality manufacturing, fantastic colours and bacterial resistance, Samsung Radianz also offers a 15 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Another useful feature is a slab size slightly larger than usual slab size of 3100 x 1520, which can allow a little more kitchen to be crafted from each slab.

Noble Collection
Imperior Grey
Midnight Saphhire
Kauai Cream
Bahama Linen
Mariposa Buff
Mirima Bronze
Gentle Gray
Everest White
Aleutian White
Mont Blanc Snow
Kauai Cream
Bahama Linen
Teton Beige
Luna Verde
Antigua Beach
Soback Beige
Bristol Beige
Toluca Sand
Alpine Umber
Shasta Brown
Allegheny Amber
Appalachian Umber
Sechura Mocha
Columbia Gray
Ural Gray
Mauna Loa Black
Kunlun Ink
Rangoon Black
Diamond Black
Diamond White
Ferio Black