Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper (also known as Galaxy Grey) is the most popular Chinese granite due to its relatively uniform colour and background as well as its obvious incredible value for money. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of decors and designs. The black, white and silvery grey colours in Salt and Pepper Granite are simply stunning adding a natural elegance to any room. Salt & Pepper is the perfect choice where Black Galaxy granite would be too dark but Colonial White granite would be too light.


The monochrome effect allows the interior designer the freedom to bring accent points of colour into the room through the use of other accessories, thus making Salt & Pepper granite worktops a sensible choice for an easily updated look. A stunning compliment to high gloss black and white cabinet doors or even the very modern choice of red! Salt & Pepper (G603) also compliments the warmer tones of natural wood doors.

The speckled nature of Salt and Pepper Granite makes for an extremely easy care surface. Compared to black and other dark stones, you will find that dust and marks hardly show at all. And, as a true granite, a real igneous rock, it doesn’t suffer so severely from the porosity and staining issues associated with the granulites, feldspar schists and other metamorphic rocks which produce so many light-coloured worksurfaces.

Salt and Pepper Granite is sold in our standard price band, making it an incredibly economical material. It is cheaper than any quartz we sell, for instance – it is our most inexpensive light-coloured stone.

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