Caesarstone Quartz: Andy Phillips Visits the Original Quartz Factory

Caesarstone Quartz Worktops – History, Design and innovation in Quartz

It is a little-known fact that the Quartz Worktop was invented in Israel. At the same time as Paco Cosentino was working on using resin to hold together first marble, and then quartzite to make the first Silestone in his workshop in Southern Spain, Caesarstone was being developed at the opposite end of the Mediterranean.


Visitors arriving at the Caesarstone Quartz factory in Caesarea, Israel

At the Kibbutz Sdot Yam in 1987 just outside Caesarea, local chemistry professors worked with Breton Machinery to find a way to bond the local Quartz sand in into the slabs we know and love today. The technology spread and created an industry which has is now larger in the UK than even granite worktops.


Innovative quartz slab display racks in the Caesarea showroom


Caesarstone is not the biggest quartz worktop producer in the world, but it may be the most innovative. Design flair is the name of the game – they even got Andy mixing up a new possible colour for them. Not sure it will catch on, boss!


Caesarstone have always seen themselves as innovators in design and technology. While they may lack the sheer scale of Silestone, they continue to innovate with proprietary technology in the production line that creates designs ahead of their competitors. They proudly exhibit at prestigious shows including the at Salone Del Mobil – trying to drive the future direction of kitchen designs. See video here.


Andy writes: I was invited by Caesarstone’s new UK subsidiary to visit Israel, to meet the designers and get some idea of their unique vision of the future. The design passion and attention to detail revealed at all stages of the process is second to none. The ability to mass produce natural-looking imperfections is on its way, so as to produce super-natural looking kitchen surfaces.

Caesarstone have a rolling three year plan constantly responding to trends and technology, and you can expect to see new colours, textures and effects coming out across the industry. If you want some previews, get along to this year’s KBB Design exhibition at the Birmingham NEC.

White Attica 5143 Caesarstone Quartz worktops

Another highlight of my trip was the opportunity to visit amazing historic sites of this fascinating and complex country. The people we met held a pragmatic optimism for the future that is often overshadowed by the hard line and difficult news stories projected around the world. Seeing the places where the histories of so many faiths occurred was humbling, and at times overwhelming.

Here are just a few of my other pictures from Israel…


The Group of Quartz Worktop Company MDs looks slightly Reservoir Dogs as they visit Roman ruins in Caesarea itself – immediately behind the Caesarstone plant. 


The view across Jerusalem


Old streets of Jerusalem


Selfie at the Western Wall




Spices and incense


Fishing-boat-sunset on the Med – a good way to end the blog!

So there you have it – a great visit, and Affordable Granite didn’t fall apart in my absence either. For our Caesarstone quartz page see here.  For more general information on quartz worktop pricing, especially of stock materials, see here. Or just email or give us a call on 01293 863992. 

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