Extended Sinks Offer at Affordable Granite!

Following on from our January and February special offer we are continuing with the reduction on 1810 Company sinks. Classic Quartz Fiji has slid up to the price band where it belongs, but we are holding the offer price on sinks for another month. This offer is open to all private customers who place an order with deposit paid before the end of April 2022. Here’s a look at the products on offer… 


1810 company moulins bridge tape special offer featured image

Sinks Offer: 1810 Company Sinks Special

For many years The 1810 company has been our number one supplier for all things sinks and taps. As a lesser name in the sinks world, they both play catch-up, with great copies of products from the big names, and also innovators, with their own excellent USPs. They have grown hugely since their launch, with many products that can undercut the offerings of the big brands on price, without sacrificing quality. 

They have always been a company who showed willing to work with relatively small businesses like ours; historically we may have fitted a lot of worktops, but we have never had a huge turnover of sinks. The 1810 Company has worked with us just the same. We appreciate that, and have tried to return the favour by working with 1810 sinks whenever we can. 

etroduo sink offer curvato tap 1810 company black pearl granite

An 1810 Etroduo 450/589 undermounted in Black Pearl Granite

From now to the end of March, the following 1810 Company Sinks are available at reduced prices:

The Etro sinks have large-radius curves at the corners – easy to clean, but not fashionable at present. Still a good entry-level sink, though. 


EtroUno 340 £100

The Etrouno 340 is small – ideal in a tiny kitchen or as a secondary, prep sink in a larger room. The offer price of £100 represents a 30+% saving over the regular £149 price


EtroUno 400 £100

The Etrouno 400 is medium-sized – often used alone in a smaller kitchen or paired with another 400u to form a two sink layout in larger kitchens. At £100 instead of £160 the saving is substantial. 


Etroduo 589/450 £150

For years, our biggest selling sink – at our usual price of £235. The Etroduo 589/450 is available in Big Bowl Right and Big Bowl Left versions and is as large a unit as you can fit into a standard 600mm kitchen cabinet if you want two bowls.

The Luxsoplus sinks have tighter, 25mm radius internal corners, and are more on trend with the squarer look. But they don’t hold you hostage with the cleaning nightmare of a totally square sink. Rectangles may look great in a showroom but give them a month in your home and you will be wishing you had bought a Luxsoplus25!


Luxsoplusuno 25 450 U £150

The Luxsoplus 450 is a medium size sink – ideal in a small kitchen or possibly as a prep sink in a larger home. The offer price of £150 represents is half our regular price for this sink! 


Luxsoplusuno 25 500 U £150

The Luxsoplus 500 is a large sink, for people who want to use all the space in a 600mm cabinet with a simple, single bowl.  Our standard price for this sink is £320 – £150 is exceptionally good value! 


Luxsoplusduo 25 340/160U £200

On offer, reduced from £400,  this sink gives you two bowls in a single 600mm cabinet, with efficient use of space via the squarish design, but easy cleanability with just enough curve in the corners. The Luxsoplusduo is both beautiful and practical – and a great price this March!

The Offer

There really isn’t much small print. This offer is available to private customers, for installations ordered between 1st and 30 April inclusive.

  • We will be selling the 1810 Company sinks listed at the prices quoted when bought as part of a worktop order – this offer is for sinks going into our worktops, whatever stone you choose

The offer is open to all orders with deposit paid before the end of April – installation may be any time later – it is the date of ordering (with the deposit paid) that counts.


Don’t miss out on this great offer!

We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite installer in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. As we come into Spring 2022 we want to give you the best possible offers in great value kitchen sinks to complement your granite and quartz worktops. We are delighted to be offering these great 1810 Company sinks this March! For questions, queries and quotes connected with any aspect of worktop installation or kitchen design, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on .

Sink images © The 1810 Company.

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