Cambria Brittanicca Quartz Worktop Installation
in Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire

A superlative barn conversion in the countryside near Bishop’s Waltham, between Winchester and Portsmouth. Mr and Mrs S chose Cambria Brittanicca for the kitchen. This large veined, white marble-look quartz is right on trend for contemporary-yet-traditional worktops, and is entirely in keeping with the look they wanted in their lovely home.

The distinctive feature of the installation is that 20mm, bookmatched quartz was used, mitred back on itself to give the illusion of 60mm thick solid stone. The material use is high for this kind of installation, and exceptional craftsmanship is required, but the overall impression is excellent.


The Barn

The high ceiling and large floor area of the barn lend themselves to open plan use, creating an extravagant sense of space and an on-trend multipurpose feel. See blog.

Simple Layout

The kitchen is relatively simple in layout, with the medium-sized island housing the sink and a single worktop run with the hob.

Island panelling

The quartz is mitred and ‘folded back’ on itself in all dimensions, meaning that all island surfaces are stone-clad. This approach uses a lot of stone but the result is on a totally different level to a simple island top with no cladding.

Island Underside

A look under the breakfast bar. It is impossible to maintain continuous vein matching to all surfaces in a 3d structure, even when using bookmatched slabs. It is therefore always the more out-of-the-way joins that have the least well matched pattern.

Matching splashback

The splashback in the same Cambria Brittanicca quartz echoes, as a mirror image, the patterned underside of the island.

Socket in splashback

The splashback features rectangular socket cutouts. In terms of the making and installation of big splashbacks, these represent a significant cost, but are, of course, essential.

Contemporary sink and tap

At the sink it is possible to see that the worktop is only, in fact, 20mm thick. This is normal with built-up worktops, and unless it is pointed out, it is unlikely that anyone would notice. Unless they are in the stone trade!

Small radius corners

For very square sinks with very sharp corners, we make small-radius corner cutouts. This example is about as tight as we can go in stone.

Cambria Brittanicca now has sister products: Cambria Brittanicca Gold, Cambria Brittanicca Warm and Cambria Queen Anne. Between them they offer a big veined quartz for every possible colour scheme!


Cambria Brittanicca Warm


Cambria Brittanicca Gold


Cambria Queen Anne – a full slab in our warehouse.
We have a feeling that this one will appeal to a lot of men, specifically!