Our Pre-Christmas Worktops Special Offer is Here!

Every year at about this time we run our Christmas worktops special offer – and offer with a difference. We offer money off for worktop installations which are still a little way off. We offer a discount for people who can commit to having granite or quartz worktops installed in the New Year, provided they get their order in before the end of November. Every year the Christmas worktops special offer is a very welcome bit of help with the budget for New Year home improvements, and we have a lot of take-up.

AG Christmas special offer October and November New Year discount
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An old image from 2018 – same offer in 2023! It still makes sense

Most of our granite worktops customers are looking for installation within 6 to 8 weeks of their first enquiry. That actually shortens in the run-up to Christmas; many kitchen worktop customers are specifically looking for stone worktop installation before Christmas. That brings a lot of business and a lot of pressure as Christmas comes closer – we find ourselves counting down the number of available installation slots before the break, and have at times found ourselves still sorting out people’s kitchens all the way up to Christmas Eve.

The annual Christmas worktops special offer helps to take the pressure off a bit. For people who CAN leave granite or quartz worktop installation until the New Year, it gives an extra motivation that they SHOULD do so. Money off – especially in a time of massive inflation and the cost of living squeezing the wallet for all of us – is a real incentive! It incentivises our clients – and it really helps us smooth our workflow.

We would far rather have slightly fewer stone worktop installations before Christmas and rather more in the first couple of months after! That is what this offer is all about.

We sometimes run this offer just up to the point where our pre-Christmas slots are sold out. This year we are committing to giving the discount all the way up to the end of November. Orders for the New Year, 2024, placed with deposit paid before 30 November will attract AT LEAST a 5% discount, and often significantly more. To be honest, in the sales team we have a lot of flex on this one, and can often rustle up some exceptional deals to help with that New Year budget.

AG Christmas special offer October and November New Year discount

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