Classic Quartz Worktops Special Offer

Classic Quartz Worktops are not strangers to anyone who has followed Affordable Granite’s blogs and special offers over the last few years. As the quartz worktops market has diversified, the original big boys (like Caesarstone, Silestone, Quarella and Cambria) have found themselves being challenged by the New Kids on the Block. Companies like  Classic Quartz have developed a fantastic offering in terms of product and quality, and are often among the fastest and best when it comes to delivery and helpful customer service.

This February we are offering two superb natural-look stones from Classic Quartz at an in-stock price. Olympia has been a favourite for some time; Fiji is brand new out. Both make lovely worktops.

Normally we buy-in especially for each job in these materials – and that can mean punitive wastage costs. But temporarily stocking them, we are able to get them into a very affordable price band indeed.

Both are available in our Premium Plus price band – that is cheaper than Radianz Lucern Lake or Novaestone Bianco Carrara, and the same price as BQS Blanco Massa, Radianz Makalu Silver and Classic Quartz Ice Branco. That makes these two lovely materials eminently affordable!

Classic quartz Stone UK
Classic Quartz worktops special offer Classic quartz worktops fiji olympia red

Classic Quartz worktop special offer – Olympia and Fiji, side by side. 

Classic Quartz Worktops Special Offer: Olympia

We have always liked Classic Quartz Olympia. It has a fine mottling of white and off-white in its background colour which is very attractive, and also very livable with. Some time ago, Classic Quartz Stone made a slight change to Olympia though – adding a delicate diagonal long-vein pattern which is rather like Macael Marble. This has put Olympia right in the forefront of quartz worktop materials – on trend as a white marble with a definite but not over-powering long vein. 

Classic Quartz worktops special offer Classic Quartz Olympia CQ190704 36042 112721a
Classic Quartz worktops special offer Classic Quartz Olympia CQ190704 36042 112656a
Classic Quartz worktops special offer olympia-quartz-kitchen-worktops-CQS
Classic Quartz Worktops Special Offer: Fiji

Classic Quartz Fiji is bang on trend when it comes to the more elaborate mottling that has come into vogue through the likes of Cambria Berwyn, Caesarstone Bianco Drift or Radianz Milan Machiatto.

A flurry of soft grey and creamy white, Fiji does not have a big-vein look (making it easier and more efficient when it comes to slab use) and it has that hint of natural-look sparkle which lifts it slightly and adds to the wow factor.

Classic Quartz Fiji CQ200212 37532 162205 a
Classic Quartz Fiji CQ200212 37532 162137 a
Classic Quartz worktops special offer CQM322-FIJI-KITCHEN-SURFACE

The Small Print

There really isn’t much this time! This offer is available to both private and trade customers, and applies to any full-kitchen fits in either of these colours which are ordered between 1st and 29 Feb inclusive.

We will be selling in our Premium Plus price band – the same as BQS Blanco Massa and Radianz Makalu Silver, and less expensive than Radianz Lucern Lake.

Don’t miss out on this exceptionally good offer!

We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite installer in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. As we move into 2020 we are committed to giving you the best possible offer in great value kitchen worktop materials. We are delighted to be offering Olympia and Fiji from Classic Quartz this February! For questions, queries and quotes connected with any aspect of worktop installation or kitchen design, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on .

Slab and sample images © Affordable Granite. Installation images © Classic Quartz Stone

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