Cleaning granite worktops – the basics

When we install granite worktops – or quartz or Dekton worktops – we like to leave our customers happy. That means fitting well and then cleaning up well, leaving the stone pristine and gleaming. And we want to leave our clients confident that the looks their work tops have on the day of installation will be easy to maintain over time.


Solid stone worktops are valued and popular precisely because they are tough and low maintenance. All the same, many people are nervous about how to look after them. “How do I clean granite worktops?” is the question, and we don’t like leaving people without an answer.

All our customers receive a complimentary Care Kit and guide when we install their worktops. It is intended to be a starter pack, so is quite simple – but then you don’t really need anything other than simple anyway. Aside from a letter from our managing director, a few flyers about the company for your impressed and delighted friends, and a general guide to cleaning, what is in the bag?


Microfibre cloths

We always tell people that the basic care programme for granite worktops is “wet cloth – dry cloth”. So we give you three Microfibre cloths to wipe and buff up your work surfaces. If things are really greasy you are going to need to use some detergent, so you can divide the cloths into Fairy-squirt, plain water and dry. That is all you need to do for most situations.

General purpose cleaning spray

The bag also contains a decent sized can of our general purpose Granite and Quartz Cleaner. This is a good all round aerosol cleaner which makes short work of basic finger marks and other stickies on the stone, leaving a very consistent shine on the surface.


Granite Sealant

We leave a bottle of Akemi sealant in homes where we have installed light-coloured granite worktops. This product would not be useful where dark granite, quartz or Cosentino Sensa® Granite has been installed, but it is essential for the lighter stones. These are often significantly more porous than the dark stones, and also tend to show any stain, being lighter. Unsealed stone can take up a lot of sealer; we seal before we leave you, but that bottle will help you put another coat on as needed. Please see our comments on staining in light-coloured granites here for more info.


As of April 2021, we have a full page on sealing granite worktops, with plenty of advice and a stunning video to tell you how to do it.

Taking it from there

When it comes to how to clean granite worktops, our customers never need to feel that they are on their own. The products we give you in the initial care bag can be sourced from us. Alternatively, suitable sprays and Microfibre cloths are readily available these days in supermarkets and DIY places. If you are concerned about bacteriological cleanliness, the Dettol Antibacterial spray is good to use on both natural and engineered stone. For stubborn stains on quartz, Cif is excellent. On all stone worktops, sticking to a fairly neutral pH (not acid or alkaline) is advisable; avoid strong acids, ammonia or bleach. Feel free to call, use our online live Chat, or send in a contact form.

If you are having real difficulties with any aspect of cleaning or if you are unsure about when and how to reseal, we have the information available and can advise over the phone. Customer service does not finish once the balance is paid, at Affordable Granite.


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