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In this second installment of his Guest Blog, Ollie Webb of Gerald Culliford Ltd talks over some of his favourite granites from Cullifords yard – the Kingston treasure cave for all the best things in natural stone.


Whenever we have a customer who is looking for something really striking and different, we point them at Cullifords. We are sure that they will be welcome at any time in office hours, and treated to an amazing tour of real stone possibilities. Honest and thorough explanation from someone who really knows is as important as quality and variety: Cullifords offers it all.


Close up of a slab of Majestic Brown in Cullifords yard

Originating from Madagascar, Lemurian Blue is one of our most striking granites. With its blues, blacks, greens and gold swirls, this dramatic stone is ideal as a truly standout statement. It  would work particularly well as a feature wall in a bathroom. 

Editor’s note: If Lemurian Blue from Madagascar seems an odd name, or strangely familiar, think about these guys! 😉

cullifords open-day-granite-worktops-radianz-lundhs-180622-103730-a

Lemurian Blue – a favourite with all who see it

Patagonia granite worktops Cullifords

Cad render of a splashback in Patagonia Granite

The Brazilian Patagonia granite also promises to make an impact and is full of character. An exquisite combination of wispy white, brown, black and cream colours create an eye-catching pattern whilst remaining versatile enough to work in a variety of spaces thanks to its neutral colour palette. From kitchen islands and splashbacks to outdoor areas, Patagonia granite should be used sparingly, in order for it to be fully appreciated in the space.

Patagonia Kitchen Island (300dpi) granite worktops Cullifords

Cad render of a contemporary kitchen in in Patagonia Granite

As we talk about choosing standout granite, we often tend towards something with immediate wow-factor, but there are beautiful products out there that have the subtle class of something more timeless and classic. Often a big expanse of colour can give you the same feeling, such as using one of the Lundhs Real Stone products. As a company, Lundhs are really on message these days with everything they offer. They are the gold standard in sustainability and responsible sourcing, with superlative quality control from quarry to retail customer.


The Lundhs branding on a slab of Labrador Antique – bought through Cullifords, waiting in the Affordable Granite yard to be made into worktops and installed. Cullifords have a unique relationship with Lundhs – the best in Scandinavian and Baltic stone.


Galleries Lafayette in Paris – practically a showroom for Lundhs’ materials!

Fusion Fire (Polished) Block 526 – 3CM granite worktops Gerald Culliford

Fusion Fire – huge colour, big pattern!

Promising to give any home or project the ‘wow factor’, our collection is made up of the world’s very finest granites and quartzites, originating from locations such as South Africa, Norway, Italy, Brazil, India and China, among many others. The company’s stone yard in Kingston Upon Thames houses more than 3000 slabs and is the go-to destination for true statement piece materials for any application.

Oliver Webb August 2019

silver cloud granite clandon surrey Gerald Cullifords

Silver Cloud Granite from Cullifords in a Surrey home

cullifords radianz mirama bronze quartz worktops horsted sussex

It isn’t just granite – we buy Radianz quartz from Cullifords too – here it’s Mirama Bronze in West Sussex

At Affordable Granite we have a high view of Cullifords. We are glad to say that they seem to have a high view of us:

Some of these stunning stones are high risk during transport and manufacture. There is risk involved. Doing business in that environment gets a whole lot easier when the dialogue is collaborative. It takes a lot of skill to work these materials into the finished product, and we are sometimes cautious about who cuts the more stunning pieces, but there would be no hesitation from us in recommending Affordable Granite to fabricate any of our materials. AG really is a 1st class business and know how to make every job stunning.

Choosing a fabricator for these products should never be solely based on price alone. The materials are expensive and deserve a craftsman’s attention to detail to get the job right. At Affordable Granite you can rest assured that they are the type of company that will turn the beautiful into the sublime.    Ollie Webb


Ollie Webb with James Semmens – Directors at Cullifords

We are Affordable Granite, the leading installer of granite and quartz worktops across Surrey, Sussex and the whole South East. We work hard to develop the best possible relationship with stone importers like Cullifords, so as to offer you, the final customer, the best possible quality, variety and price. For advice, help or a quotation on your kitchen worktops,call us on 01293 863992 or contact by email on

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