There are several factors which affect granite price, which can be summed up as “market forces”:

  • How sought-after is the colour?
    A stone which is unattractive or represents an unfashionable colour is not going to be expensive.
  • How common is the colour-type around the world?
    A colour which is popular, but also easily available in many similar stones will be relatively cheap. This applies to many of the black stones – our own Black Pearl (India), Angola Black (Africa) and Ubatuba (Brazil) all do similar jobs. Although occasionally one customer will greatly prefer one over another, they all between them serve to keep the prices of “mottled blacks” down. Conversely the sparkle in Black Galaxy is unique to a small area in India, while Blue Pearl or anything quite like it is only found in Norway, so these stones remain at premium price.
  • How difficult is it to extract usable blocks?
    Some materials are extremely fragile. Extracting blocks to make slabs of a usable size can be difficult, and this pushes the price up. This affects us at the manufacturing and fitting stage too – if fragile to extract they are even more so for cutting and polishing. There are many spectacular stones which fall into this category, like the Aran White pictured here:

    Arun White Granite
  • The last, but by no means the least important, factor in our own granite pricing is Stock versus Bespoke material. If we stock any material, even if quite expensive on the general wholesale market, we are able to pass on to our customers the benefits of buying in bulk, often direct from the quarries in the country of production. Thus Black Galaxy is not a cheap stone, but our turnover of it is so massive that we are able to give very competitive prices, whereas other similarly priced or even somewhat cheaper stones which are bought-in on a job by job basis may work out more expensive for the customer.

What is the difference between the price bands on your website?

Obviously there is a continuous range of prices in the wholesale market, but for simplicity’s sake it is far easier to price on the basis of a few ranges. Our price bands have nothing to do with the “quality” or “grade” of the stone – whether Standard, Superior or Premium, all our material is inspected on arrival and is rejected if not of first quality.

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