Grey Quartz Worktops

Every day I go over to our workshop and warehouse from our office. Sometimes it is to photograph incoming slabs, sometimes to relay instructions from customers to the sawyers and polishers, and other times it is to check on off-cuts for the famous, never-ending Affordable Granite Bin Ends Sale. You have to keep your eyes open in the workshop (or risk walking into a sharp lump of stone!) and often new materials, or trends in the material catch my eye.

We seem to have just had a little run of interesting stones for what you might call “the grey market.” Since we first did a feature on them in 2015, grey quartz worktops are still trending, and we are seeing a real variety in the warehouse at the moment. On top of which, we are about to change our stock materials… read on for fresh news.

Grey Quartz Worktops -

Caesarstone Turbine Grey, for the natural stone look


Close view of Caesarstone Turbine Grey in the workshop

Caesarstone have a fantastic range of natural looking grey quartz worktops. We have always loved their Bianco Drift. Then they added the lovely, darker Symphony Grey, and now Turbine Grey gives another option in the same style. I happened to see a slab being polished in the workshop – creating a large island. This is high end material – we won’t be stocking it, but as a bespoke option it is superb.

The Caesarstone reference code for Turbine Grey quartz worktops is 6313.


Caesarstone Turbine Grey

Grey Quartz Worktops -

Caesarstone Raven: mysterious, dark and practical

Another newcomer in the warehouse is Raven, also from Caesarstone. Far darker than the Turbine Grey, this stone is toned just right for customers who want grey quartz worktops which steer well clear of black, while still offering a good solid contrast to light-coloured units. Materials as dark as this can become problematic so far as dust and fingermarks are concerned; Raven has enough pattern and mottle to make it liveable with – a great addition to the Caesarstone range.

Raven’s code number at Caesarstone is 4120. Falling in Caesarstone’s price group #2, it is an affordable stone.


A close look at Caesarstone Raven 4120


Caesarstone Raven on the racks in the warehouse

Grey Quartz Worktops - CRL Windsor Grey


Samples of Windsor Grey fresh from the saw, waiting for labels.

C R Laurence, or CRL, is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of kitchen and bathroom fittings – shower-heads, door hardware and the like. For years they were also the UK distributor of Caesarstone. When Caesarstone started their own British subsidiary, importing and marketing directly. CRL went back to the drawing board and created their own range, travelling the world sourcing stones from a number of factories in different countries. Having worked with Caesarstone, they know quality, and having sold here for years, they know our market. We like their new range, and will be stocking several of their lines.

In terms of grey quartz worktops, their Windsor Grey is going to be a hit. Tonally it is placed between Silestone’s Gris Expo and Marengo, but with a smoother texture it is actually closer to the more expensive Cemento Spa. We will be selling it at the Superior price band, alongside Quarella Blanco Paloma and Silestone Blanco City.

What better time to introduce a product called Windsor Grey than just before a Royal Wedding!


Compare grey quartz worktops: Windsor Grey alongside Gris Expo and Marengo

So, there are some newcomers. Don’t forget the classics, though – it is still hard to beat Steel Grey granite as a grey worktop.

If you would like to know more about these or any other stones we use to create superb kitchen worktops, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01293 863992 or drop us a line at .

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