Steel Grey Granite Kitchen Worktops in Cuckfield, West Sussex

In the new extension on their historic Cuckfield home, Mr and Mrs C chose a handmade kitchen from Yew Tree Designs of Haywards Heath.

The selection of the worktop material started well before the room was even built, and culminated in the choice of Steel Grey Granite. Quality, beauty and practicality characterise the whole kitchen, and we are proud to have been involved in it.

A frequent trend we are seeing today is the use of complementary colours in kitchen design. Sometimes contrasting worktop stones are chosen, with the kitchen units unifying in the same colour, as in our case study of black granite and white quartz here. In this traditional kitchen, bone units around the walls contrast with duck egg blue units under the island, with the Steel Grey Granite worktops holding it all together. I think the overall result is one of the most beautiful, practical and homely kitchens I have ever photographed.


Steel Grey Granite

Steel Grey Granite is a great option if you are looking for a monochrome, natural stone look without the harshness and cleaning difficulties of Absolute Black. The pattern is distinguished without being blingy, and in this case coordinates perfectly with the blue and bone units.

Polished stone

At Affordable Granite we work almost exclusively with polished stone, as we believe it to provide the best surface for maintaining a high standard of hygiene in kitchen use. Honed and matt surfaces can be hard to clean when oils and fats get into the surface.

Double Belfast Sink

The large double Belfast sink has been fitted with a separate slip of granite to the rear. This is often done for reasons of strength and/or due to the overall length of the granite run. It also makes any future removal of the granite and sink a far less risky process.

Drainage Grooves

Parallel drainage grooves are cut to the left side only of the sink. We can make both parallel and splayed grooves, but most customers choose parallel these days, especially on a Belfast, Butler or Farmhouse sink, as here.

Granite Island

The island has built-in power points at both ends. This avoids breaking into the surface of the granite to make a pop-up socket (see here) but does mean that the sockets are better suited to appliances to be used at floor level (hoovering etc) than on the top, where the wires will hang dangerously over the ends.

Breakfast Bar

At the outer end of the island, the units form an L-shape, giving a substantial, two-sided breakfast bar with 300mm overhang. The island units are blue, contrasting with the bone units elsewhere.

Small Radius Curve

At the end of the island with the units and no large overhang, the corners have been finished with coin-sized 15mm radius corners. These would be standard on traditional kitchens where a super tight corner wouldn’t look appropriate.

Medium Radius Curve

At the overhang end of the island medium radius curves (approx. 100mm) have been cut and polished, making the corners less obtrusive while losing little space from the breakfast bar.

Belfast and Range

The Double Belfast sink and a big range is a classic combination for a country home. I love the way this kitchen brings together traditional design with modernity – stylish and practical. Check out the cabinetry for microwave above!

Dresser Worktop Detail

Detail of the bevelled corner where the granite worktop supports the dresser units. Once again, the use of a classic dresser adds to the impression of traditional and enduring qualities in this kitchen.