Lumina Stone: New materials in the UK Quartz Kitchen Worktops Market

Following our recent blog about Silestone’s Sunlit Days quartz worktop materials we have some more new stones to talk about. Lumina Stone is an entire quartz range that is now being brought to the UK market by our friends at Granite Granite of Basildon, Essex.

A slideshow of just some of the Lumina Quartz Worktop colours

Lumina Stone from Granite Granite

We work frequently with materials bought through Granite Granite. As well as being a reliable source of natural stone (as their name implies) they are the primary UK importers of the very high-end Cambria range. They also supply the more economical Quarella quartz, which gives us our long-term big seller Blanco Paloma quartz worktops. We think that they have chosen Lumina as a third quartz brand because it gives them a far stronger range of natural-looking marble-type stones, and strengthens their offering in the middle of the wholesale price range.


Lumina really is a full range of quartz worktop materials. Compared to the wild colours and glitter of so many of the Cambria products, it is more middle-of-the-road, with a predominance of whites, greys and greiges. But that is precisely where the UK quartz worktop market is at! Granite Granite have strengthened their hand at exactly the point where we need to offer a depth of choice; people are looking for very particular greys and marble-looks to realise their vision at the moment, and Lumina brings some great extra options to market.

In common with most quartz manufacturers, Lumina’s brouchure (pictured) is blessed with some wonderfully meaningless blurb, but it has that in common with most of the big names. If you are tempted to laugh at “It’s not easy to circumscribe the LUMINA universe within a definition” you only have to look at Silestone’s website: “Our products include the most demanding quality controls that offers a basic qualification to a product that has become in the skin of thousands of kitchen in more that 52 countries.” Oh boy!

Our first experience of fabricating Lumina Quartz worktops was with Astral White, just a few weeks ago in Crowborough, East Sussex. You can see a mini-case study using the customer’s own photos here. This subtly sparking white worked very well, especially once teamed up with the vibrant Surging Wave glass splashbacks that we sourced through Southern Counties Glass.

Lumina Astral White Quartz glass splashback surging wave 091356 (1) b

Lumina Quartz Worktops: A few of the possibilities

This is not the place to show all of the Lumina Stone materials, but we thought we would post photos of a few that we particularly like.

Silver Birch

Lumina Stone Silver Birch

We are often asked for white-on-grey marble-look quartz worktops, and there aren’t that many options. Here is one which we think will prove popular.

Coral Ash Matt texture (2)

Lumina Stone Coral Ash

This one really hits the spot – certainly Naomi thinks so, and she is a pretty good judge! Slightly greige, matt-textured – it’s right on trend!

Soapstone Matt texture (2)

Lumina Stone Soapstone

Black marble-look materials are in short supply – but the situation is improving. This material comes in a matt texture, taking on Silestone’s own Charcoal Soapstone and other black offerings

White Swan (2)

Lumina Stone White Swan

It may be yet another large-veined white marble, but at least it isn’t called Calacatta something or other! Delicate and slightly warm in the vein, we think that White Swan may fly out of the warehouse.

One more and I’m done. Superwhite Marble is a bit of a take on Bianco Eclipsia – a natural stone which we have occasionally installed. Again, yet another white marble, but I think that this one will have some mileage too. 

Superwhite Marble Matt texture (2)

There is a world of choice out there! We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite and quartz worktop supplier in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. We are here to help guide you through the vast range of available materials and help you to realise your vision for your home. Call us for a quotation on 01293 863992 or by email on

© Images by courtesy of Lumina Stone / Granite Granite, except the Astral White installation which is copyright of our customer through Affordable Granite

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