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BQS quartz is the quartz brand of the Brachot/Beltrami group. BQS = B Quartz Stone, see? The same company in the UK also distributes Unistone, so between brands they have a very wide range of materials. Never quite as frequent in their reps contacting us as some of the bigger brands,  I find it easy to overlook what they have to offer, but as the years have gone by, their contribution to the UK quartz scene has grown.

The one BQS quartz material which we have sold in significant quantities is Blanco Massa, which was for a long time one of our standard stock stones in the white marble look. We dropped it after we felt that the technology had overtaken it – though to this day we have people enquiring after it, looking for that strong warm white with very minimal marbling which are its main characteristics.


BQS Blanco Massa in a Guildford, Surrey, kitchen

Blanco Massa White Marble Quartz

The new materials we have just received from BQS quartz are a step forward in terms of technology. Amazing marbling with real depth and character – we think that these three BQS quartz stone are going to hit the spot. So long as the UK kitchen worktop market is so strongly leaning to white marble quartz worktops, anyway!

BQS Capri

BQS Capri US211007 41305 145246 caption

BQS Capri – a good white marble with a medium level of random, but long, veining. It shouldn’t be too demanding for our guys to vein-match, but will still have real impact in the kitchen – especially on big islands.

BQS Capri US211007 41305 145226
BQS Capri US211007 41305 145203

BQS Avenza Avorio

BQS Avenza Avorio US211007 41302 150907 caption

With big, broad, sweeping veins which are definitely there, but not over strong, Avenza Avorio will be a bit more of a challenge when it comes to vein matching, but is still what might be regarded as a subtly veined marble-look quartz for kitchen worktops. In a crowded market place where it is hard to be different, this stone stands out with a less common look to its vein.

BQS Avenza Avorio US211007 41302 150855
BQS Avenza Avorio US211007 41302 150830

BQS Arctic

BQS Arctic US211007 41307 150220 caption

This is my favourite of the three new BQS quartz worktop materials. Amazing subtlety of marbling with real depth. There seems to be a crystalline structure to this one which mimics so many features of real marble – a lovely look as if light was trapped in that white veining. Definitely worth a look!

BQS Arctic US211007 41307 150156
BQS Arctic US211007 41307 150126

So there you have it – three lovely stones for kitchen worktops, sourced from BQS quartz. We think that they all have a place in the UK kitchen worktop scene. We will be showing them to customers over the coming months and seeing if our first hunch is right!

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