If you are looking for environmentally friendly work surfaces it can be a tough choice because the most durable and practical worktops on the market are made from granite or quartz, both of which have an impact on the environment.

But if you are looking for something a little more “green”, then the Eco range of worktops by Cosentino (who also make Silestone) may be the thing for you. Eco by Cosentino has the strength, durability and similar composition to that of a quartz worktop whilst being more environmentally friendly and still achieving the wow factor look! The Eco range of kitchen worktops by Cosentino are recycled surfaces – at least 75% of the materials are recycled. Some of the materials are from finished products and some are the by-product of various manufacturing processes.

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    Eco Friendly Kitchen

Materials include; mirror, glass, porcelain and vitrified ash. The rest of the material is made up of materials like quartz and silica, the waste products from other industries or even stone that has been discarded. The resins used to bind this range are partly made from corn oil and are therefore as environmentally friendly as currently available.

All the processes in its manufacture are regulated to keep power consumption to a minimum, there are barely any emissions and 94% of the water used in its production is recycled.

This all sounds great but is it a good choice for your kitchen worktops? 

Yes, Eco surfaces are highly durable, they are extremely scratch resistant and have low porosity. This, added to the fact that they are available in a really great selection of colours, makes them an excellent choice for your kitchen.

The colour range takes its cue from the natural world with neutral tones ranging from the blackest of starlit skies of “Starlight” to the very light sparkly white “White Diamond” both of which have a sophisticated sparkle (not as “blingy” as some of the other black sparkly quartz worktops).

With the earthy tones of the dark browns of “Terra” and “Iron Ore” through to the lighter “Crystal Sand” and stunning cream and off white of “Luna” there is a worktop to complement every possible cabinet colour.