Many people who are having granite or quartz worktops will opt for undermounted roll top sinks partly because it then proves that they have got proper granite because you can not have an under-mounted sink with a laminate worktop!

However they do look very neat and stylish because you then have nothing above the worktop apart from the taps, filter tap or push button. The actual sink is set underneath the granite and the worktop is then cut and polished so that there is a very smooth edge rolling into the top of the sink. Due to this extra work with polishing the cut out it does work out more expensive than having a sit-on type sink.

Other possible extra costs include a set of draining grooves and tap hole and the price rises with the number of polished cut outs, sets of grooves and tap holes you have.

The size of sink you can have will largely depend on the size of base unit below. If you want a bowl and a half but with two separate cut outs then you could consider the 1810 EtroUno 340U and the 1810 EtroUno 170–U and these two sinks will fit into a 600 mm base.

As with most things in the current economic climate, people are making home improvements on a tighter budget so it can be worth looking at a one ½ bowl but all in one as this way you will only have to pay for the one cut out and the sinks we suggest are the 1810 EtroDuo 589/450U, Blanco Supreme 533-U, Franke ARX160 or the CDA Cum16, all of which will go into a 600mm base unit. See sinks here.

Belfast & butler style sinks do seem to go in/out of fashion and some of these style of sinks sit under the worktop like an under-mounted sink, so if this is the case with your chosen sink then there will be a similar sort of cost as with any other undermounted sink and final cost will depend on whether you have 1 or 2 sets of draining grooves.

To reduce manufacturing/cut-out costs opt for a sit-on (or topmounted) sink that overlaps the granite worktop. There are also some farmhouse-style sinks which run front back to the wall with no worktop behind them. In this case the granite worktop butts up to the side, meaning there is no cost for a cut out, but bear in mind that this style of sink can look very heavy if your kitchen is very small.

Complete worktop/roll top sinks did go out of fashion for many years but they have started to make a comeback in recent years, particularly in contemporary styled kitchens partly because they are hugely practical as well as making a big style statement!

If you are in any doubt about what would work best for you please don’t be afraid to talk to us for best advice.