Marbre Carrara Quartz Worktops from Classic Quartz - Westminster

A wonderful Georgian townhouse about as close to the Palace of Westminster as you can get! It was our privilege to install the worktops in this basement kitchen after flood damage made a kitchen replacement necessary.
We worked with Nick Geard Furniture Ltd, our neighbour at John Lory Farm. Nick is one of the finest bespoke craftsmen we know, creating kitchens, cupboards and all kinds of free-standing furniture from scratch to the very highest standards. He is a perfectionist, and we cannot recommend his work too highly, even for the most demanding of customers.
The customer chose Marbre Carrara from Classic Quartz. This cool and very natural-looking stone has been a big seller for us, although occasional variations in colour led us ultimately to stock other products as our main marbled quartz. Check out B-Stone Blanco Massa, Novaestone Bianco Carrara and Radianz Lucern Lake in our stock quartz range.


Classic Style

The classic lines of Nick Geard’s joinery, and the soft light from the basement roof-light, show off the gentle coolness of the Marbre Carrara marble-look quartz to perfection. Check out that hand-made plate rack!

Marble-Look Quartz

Softly-veined, translucent and cool – Marbre Carrara echoes the look and feel of the stone it copies

Single sink layout

A big stainless steel undermounted sink is supplied by a classically-styled twin-hole bridge tap, and a separate filter tap

Traditional but modern

The superb traditional joinery and classical styling does not stop the kitchen being thoroughly modern, with its oven tower, built-in dishwasher and the rest.

Neat joins

With patterned stones the joins can be very obvious, but with the more subtle mottling of Marbre Carrara and careful selection/blending of jointing compound, the joins look neat and do not draw attention


As well as completing all stone-stone joins, we also caulked behind the extra-height upstands. Photographing the kitchen, I was proud of the excellent job our fitters had done.

Built-in dishwasher

Behind the superb bespoke cabinetry is the latest in technology and convenience – here the Siemens dishwasher


Lovely bespoke larder units – handmade drawers topped with a Classic Quartz Marbre Carrara larder shelf.

Flush-mounted hob

The large Siemens gas hob has been flush-fitted. This is not our favourite approaching to fitting a hob, as the expansion gaps needed around the unit are not that attractive in our view, but if the customer opts for it, we do it…

Spacious but cosy

The overall feel of the kitchen is both traditional and contemporary, with a sense of space and yet old-fashioned cosiness

It was a real pleasure to work with Nick Geard Furniture on this major kitchen refurbishment. Nick’s work covered far more than just the kitchen, with the dining room, drinks cupboards, radiator covers and other lower-floor furniture all being down to his craftsmanship. A superb job!


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