Installing Granite Worktops for Kitchen Companies

We are sometimes asked if we install granite and quartz worktops for kitchen companies. The answer is Yes, we do. We are proud to have developed a solid and warm relationship with a number of Surrey and Sussex-based kitchen companies. The  customer buys their kitchen units, their appliance AND their worktops all from one company. It is the kitchen company who then calls us in to template and install the worktops. By and large, the system works well, and we have a substantial number of customers across the South East who have Affordable Granite worktops which they have bought that way.


Classic Quartz San Vincente on a Benjamin Allen kitchen in Ditchling, East Sussex

Classic Quartz Alaska Bianca quartz worktops Haywards Heath west sussex 190930 135706a

Classic Quartz Alaska Bianca on an HKS kitchen in Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Installing Granite Worktops for Kitchen Companies: How do I choose my worktops?

granite worktops sales team annabel 151448 a

Our showroom and office in Charlwood, Surrey

Many of the kitchen companies with which we work have our worktops in their showrooms, and a fuller range of granite and quartz samples. Many customers choose their worktops directly from the kitchen people. But we frequently have visits from customers sent from the kitchen studios in order to choose their stone with us. We work in collaboration with our kitchen company friends in order to help you, the final customer, achieve the look that you want. The process works very much as it does for any other end-use customer.

Installing Granite Worktops for Kitchen Companies: Do I have a say in how the stone pattern is used?

Yes! Again, exactly as with any customer who comes to us direct. If you choose a big-vein, wildly-patterned stone and are concerned how the various features will appear (or be lost!) in your actual kitchen, you will be as welcome to visit us after templating as any other customer.

Surrey Granite Worktops Belvedere template positioning 181031 125141-a

A customer working with Ben to plan the use of Belvedere Granite for her kitchen


Classic Quartz Marbre Carrara worktops and splashbacks on a Nick Geard Furniture kitchen in Westminster

Installing Granite Worktops for Kitchen Companies: Do the kitchen people make a margin? Could I get a better price coming direct?

Granite worktops leatherhead surrey Cambria Darlington Quartz Worktops Keestone Horley Surrey 200307 103741a

Cambria Darlington in a kitchen by Keestone Ltd, Horley, Surrey

Yes, the kitchen companies do make money from the worktops. They are effectively selling for us, and they deserve some recompense for all the work that goes in to winning business and arranging everything. But – here’s the clever part – you won’t get a better deal by coming direct to us. Companies with whom we do a serious amount of business get a serious discount from us – and it is that element which becomes their profit margin when they sell on to you at very much the price we would have quoted you in the first place!

Installing Granite Worktops for Kitchen Companies: What's the advantage for me, the customer?

All of our regular kitchen company customers are what it says on the tin – regular customers! That means we get used to working with them, and they with us. We get to know how they like to work, and we do our best to get things as seamless with them as possible. From the point of view of the customer who chooses worktops directly from the kitchen company, a whole separate stage of decision making and purchasing us out of the way. For convenience and ease of working, this can be the way to go.

dekton worktops west sussex trillium slinfold howdens blue 2 blue nott 181005 143336-HDR-1-a 169

A Dekton Trilium worktop installation in Horsham in collaboration with Blue-2-Blue

Installing Granite Worktops for Kitchen Companies: It's all about relationships!

Cosentino-visit-170124-145024 (2)a

Gary from HKS


Lloyd from HKS chats with Naomi during a joint visit to a supplier 


Peter Buckland from Crown Kitchens of Dorking in relaxed mode in our showroom


Nick Geard in one of our joint installations

Our most regular kitchen company customers have become colleagues, and colleagues, friends. Most of the companies we work with are our size or smaller – family-run businesses or even one man shows. As such, it is easy to know who is who and get to them on a more than purely work level. Whether it is Nick and his wife bringing their new baby round to see us, helping Martin with his big fund raiser for Multiple Sclerosis or going to a blues gig with Lloyd, Gary and Tim, the contacts are warm and mutually helpful. We are professionals for sure – but we are professionals who really get on.


And that can make all the difference not only to the final quality of the kitchen, but also to the number of obstacles and stressful moments on the way there!

We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite installer in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. We are proud to work in close and friendly collaboration with a number of the leading builders and kitchen installers across our area. For advice and help on your stone worktop installation, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on .

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