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For some time now we have been stocking Arcadia by Cimstone (please see our case studies here), together with Silestone’s Marengo, Gris Expo and Blanco City. These are all regular products in our Superior range. We have also been stocking Black and White Mirror – a sparkly black quartz and a sparkly white quartz in our Premium range.

With the continued growth of the engineered stone sector in the quality kitchen worktops market, we are very pleased to be able to add two new colours to our range. With white and grey worktops becoming increasingly popular we have chosen a sparkly grey called Grey Mirror from Quantra and a soft white with very little fleck called Macadamia.

Macadamia is a very pure soft white. It has far less fleck than the already popular Cimstone Arcadia. Purer whites have to go through more processes to filter out unwanted particles, so are generally more expensive; because of this the Macadamia will be going into our Premium Range, but will still be an extremely affordable option compared to other pure whites on the market.

As the name suggests, Grey Mirror is a grey engineered stone with a bright silver mirror fleck and glassy granulation. The background is a medium grey and the sparkles are nice and bright. With so many customers looking for grey quartz kitchen worktops, we feel sure that this will be an important addition to our range.

As with the Black Mirror & White Mirror stones, Grey Mirror quartz will be priced in our Premium range.

Quantra is a quartz surface comprised of 93% natural quartz and high quality polymer resin and pigments. Quantra is compacted under extreme vibration, vacuum and pressure into impenetrable, non-porous and homogeneous slabs. As with the other quartz brands we provide, it requires very little maintenance and does not require sealing.

You are very welcome to view large slabs of all stock colours and smaller samples or off-cuts of many hundreds of other quartzes that we can buy in on a bespoke basis from numerous suppliers including Silestone, Caesarstone, Arenastone, Cimstone, Samsung Radianz and Compac, please contact our sales team to arrange a visit 01293 863992 or