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June at Affordable Granite and the late spring rush is on. The workshop is humming, fitters are delivering and fitting kitchen worktops all over the South East, and we are seeing some interesting slabs of granite and quartz coming into the warehouse.
In our blog this week we have just picked out a few of these “visiting stones” to highlight some trends  in the granite and quartz worktop industry. One thing is striking – how many are white or light-coloured!

Bloomstone Everest Quartz

bloomstone everest quartz worktops bs190521 35664 152653a
bloomstone everest quartz worktops bs190521 35664 152740a
bloomstone everest quartz worktops bs190521 35664 152736a

Bloomstone is a new quartz firm to us. Their rep dropped in and they sent a couple of slabs down on spec. This Everest is certainly different – mountain ranges of soft grey against a slightly warm white background. Available in 20 and 30mm thickness.

Bloomstone Statuario Premium Quartz

bloomstone statuario premium granite and quartz worktops bs190521 35665 152918a

Bloomstone also have, in their Statuario Premium, another take on the “long, fine vein” look we have seen in Classic Quartz Alaska Bianca and Arenastone Calacatta Delicato (see blog from April.)

bloomstone statuario premium quartz worktops bs190521 35665 152946a

Cimstone Smyrna Quartz

cimstone smyrna cm190605 35750 114045a
cimstone smyrna cm190605 35750 114114a
cimstone smyrna cm190605 35750 114121a

Just to break the white rule, it was good to see these two slabs of 20mm Cimstone Smyrna quartz this week. There is still a market for the creamy Botticino marble look.

Duke White Satinato Granite from Culliford of Kingston

duke white satinato granite worktops culliford cu190530 35731 130113a
duke white satinato granite worktops culliford cu190530 35731 130142a

We have been working for some time with a couple from Guildford on a major kitchen rebuild. They are very keen on a natural stone, and chose Duke White granite from Culliford’s. This subtle and fairly linear stone is in the same family as Cosmic White granite and Silver Cloud granite – two firm favourites here. The linearity of the stone is helped by the fact that the kitchen is basically  a long galley – only short pieces going at right angles, and these can be cut the other way from the slab, keeping all the grain together.

duke white satinato granite worktops culliford cu190530 35731 135106a

Our customers chose their Duke White granite in the ‘satinato’ finish. This tends to make the overall colour and contrast softer, and makes for a lovely feel and touch. Hard to photograph, you can see the texture in this image, where the highlight from the reflected light shows a slight ‘orange-peel’ effect.

Pretoria Granite from the Marble and Granite Centre

Pretoria Granite MG181119 34457 110108 a

Ok – this one is a long way from white/grey! Pretoria Granite is in the Cosmic Black, Black Fusion, Belvedere, Black Beauty family, and offers a lot of bang for your buck. Tremendously good value, this bespoke stone was chosen by customers who wanted ‘black with wow factor’.

Pretoria Granite MG181119 34457 110140 a

White Macaubas Granite / Quartzite

white macaubas ml190415 35370 125215a
white macaubas ml190415 35370 125300a

This lovely stone was chosen by a Reigate customer for his bathroom cladding. Having popped in to look for a suitable quartz offcut for a toilet cistern cover, he has ended up doing a major bathroom cladding job with us, with bespoke stones being used in several rooms of the house. This lovely quartzite has a strongly linear look, but so much variety in it!

white macaubas ml190415 35370 125249a
white macaubas granite and quartz worktops

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