Granite worktop templates: a new van for the team

granite worktops templating template new van October 2019 150254

Every so often we buy a new van. Our old quartz and granite worktop template van has done over 100 000 miles, and it was time for a change. Reliability, economy, efficiency and environmental friendliness tend to not be what they could be with an old van, so enter the new AG Template Van.

Granite worktop templates: Ford Transit Custom

granite worktops templating template new van October 2019 150135

After many years working with Renaults and Peugeots, we have bought a Ford!

granite worktop templating template new van October 2019 150153

The Transit Custom with medium wheelbase and a high roof suits us. Shorter than our fitters’ vans, it is nippier and far more flexible when it comes to parking. But the higher ceiling than the previous template van means that the ever-more-common large island templates don’t need to be folded – there is adequate headroom for all but the most massive of islands!

Our previous van was also in effect a single seater, as the passenger seat was removed to make room for materials and straight edges to stock through from the back. Although we still use the length of the vehicle, we don’t need to take the seat out this time – making the vehicle suitable also for dropping an extra guy off at fits where we need a three or four man lift.

Granite worktop templates: Evolving Livery

granite worktops templating template new van October 2019 150249

The new van has more black on it than ever before. We have been finding that a solid, dark backdrop really helps people to read the most important information on our vans – who we are and how to get in touch with us, basically! Getting our details plainly legible was a driving factor in our colour choices for this version of the AG livery.

Granite worktop templates: the big picture

granite worktops templating template new van October 2019 150236

We have followed through with a trend on our vans over recent years – let the picture tell the story. We have been making space on the van for BIG images showing some of our installations, and the impact on people who see the vans has been obvious. On the near side – Cambria Brittanicca quartz worktops in Hampshire – see Case Study for details.

granite worktops templating template new van October 2019 150219

On the back of the van, the stunning Classic Quartz Marbre Carrara installation with Nick Geard in Westminster. Very proud of this one – and love Nick’s superb joinery!

granite worktops templating template new van October 2019 150207

On the driver’s side, an installation which has never been used on one of our vans before. The HKS showroom in Haywards Heath features (very boldly) a single, matching kitchen in the main show area. It looks more like a genuine home kitchen than any other kitchen studio we have seen. The island and worktops are in Sensa Colonial White – a lovely piece of work, and all credit to the vision of Lloyd and Gary who run one of the best kitchen shops in Sussex.

Granite worktop templates: down to the detail

granite worktops templating template new van October 2019 150315
granite worktops templating template new van October 2019 150306

These days, when I photograph a really nice kitchen installation, I have possible use on a van in mind. For that reason, I don’t actually use my best general purpose camera – the Nikon D5, but one of my older D800 bodies. With their 36mega pixel resolution, I am confident that images can be printed at up to 2m across with perfectly acceptable quality, even in the details. Check out these two images of the side of the van – stepping in close to look at that picture of the the HKS showroom.

Big thanks to those who helped get this lovely vehicle on the road:

Livery Design: Wowwoo

Van wrapping: Totally Dynamic

Images (blog and van!)  ©️ Andrew King Photography

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