Can you fit a pop-up electrical socket in granite or quartz worktops?

The short answer is, “Yes”! We frequently make the cutouts for electrical sockets, of various kinds.

In splashbacks or high upstands we cut rectangular socket holes. And in worktops and especially islands, we cut holes for pop-up sockets.

For the reasons why pop-up sockets are such a great idea on islands, please see our article about island types.

sink and pop-up socket

Now you see it… popped-up socket on 20mm Cimstone Sines quartz in Horsham, West Sussex.

Solid stone worktops are an ideal platform for safely installing pop-up electrical sockets. We have found pop-up sockets to be more and more popular over recent years. This has been especially the case as kitchen design has leaned towards using a centrepiece island as the main worktop, with tall units providing storage against the walls. Where the kitchen has been designed in this way, wall space is obviously limited, in some cases drastically so, and therefore socket locations are at a premium. In addition, with the cost of electrical work and making good of walls, etc, worktop-mounted sockets are surprisingly cost-effective.

cimstone_sines_horsham_west_sussex_cream_sparkle_quartz_113706 1920

Now you don’t… socket just above the “fully down” position.

(The socket cover can be fully retracted into the worktop, with a small “tipping handle” for retraction, but in this case I left the socket slightly proud of the worktop just to show where it is.)


Down and up… pop-up socket on Ivory Fantasy Granite in a Guildford kitchen

pop-up socket on steel grey granite island

USB sockets visible in this pop-up on a Steel Grey worktop

pop-up socket on steel grey usb sockets
Chameleon 2 S Box PORT-plus-USB-A-C_-down-600×600
KBB show Birmingham 2022 173941 S-Box pop-up sockets Peter Brook USB charging

The better hidden Chameleon S-Box – a pop-up socket whose lid if the same stone!
Jump here for a more recent article on the excellent S-Box!

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