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Our September 2019 Special Offer

1810 Company Luxsoplus Sinks

The Luxsoplus Range from the 1810 Company is a contemporary, square design with tight radius corners. It is high end without the high-costs (or difficulty in cleaning!) of fully-square, 90° corners. With all the usual benefits of the 1810 range – strong stainless steel, satin finish, sound and thermal insulation – the Luxsoplus is a definite move up and away from your basic, entry level stainless steel sink!

September 1810 Company Luxsoplus 500 granite worktops surrey

The Luxsoplus 500u is a beautiful single bowl sink for those who want a larger bowl that still fits within a 600mm cabinet. Modern and yet practical, the 500u is easy to clean and maintain, and looks good under granite and quartz, 30mm and 20mm thick surfaces.
We are offering both the 500u and the very similar but slightly smaller 450u in our September offer! Usual recommended selling price £320 for the 500u and £300 for the 450u.

The Luxsoplus 340/160 is the classic L-shaped one-and-a-half bowl sink from the range. Compact, practical and beautiful, it will suit many kitchens and washing-up styles. If you need a relatively compact sink layout and like having a small secondary sink for rinsing or draining, this could be the sink for you!
The Luxsoplus 340/160 is available in both right- and left-handed configurations: Big Bowl Right (BBR) and Big Bowl Left (BBL). Usual recommended selling price £400.

Throughout September we are offering:

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The small print:

  • This offer applies to kitchen installations large enough to attract our “full template and fit” charge
  • The value of £3,500 excludes the cost of the half price sink – it is the value for worktops and fitting
  • The offer is based on a special discount on these products from 1810: it is not transferable to other sinks or products
  • The offer is eligible for orders placed between 1st and 30th September 2019, irrespective of when the installation is to occur

We think that the Luxsoplus sink will compliment any kitchen really well. Why not team it with an 1810 Company tap too? We have sold hundreds of Brushed Steel Curvatos, or, for a bit of colour and flexibility, why not choose one from the stunning Spirale range? We saw the variety of hoses shown here at the KBB show in Birmingham last year.