White quartz worktops: Any colour you like!

Henry Ford said that you could “have any colour car you like, so long as it’s black.” Sometimes I feel the same about quartz worktops. White quartz – in all its variations – is very dominant at present, and we have brought together a stock range to suit every taste and kitchen style. Here they are, starting with the most economical and running up to the priciest. Remember, though – all of these are stock stones, so available at excellent prices in comparison with anything bought-in on a bespoke basis.

White quartz worktops Surrey 153540 offcuts remnants

Offcuts of white quartz in our Charlwood, Surrey Warehouse

White quartz worktops: Global Lunar

Global Lunar is the latest in a line of granular white quartz worktops which we have stocked in our economical price bands. We started with Cimstone Arcadia, moved to Quarella Blanco Paloma and now sell Lunar – which may have the nicest granulation and surface finish of the three. That slight texture blends into a soft white when you stand back – and makes this beautiful stone easy to live with – so practical.

Standard band

White quartz worktops Surrey 152544 Global Lunar

White quartz worktops: Silestone Blanco Stellar

Silestone Blanco Stellar is the definitive white mirror-chip quartz. This is the one that everyone copied; this is the product that ruled the UK quartz market for years as the top seller. It’s days of dominance have faded a bit, but we still find ourselves fitting Blanco Stellar quartz worktops pretty regularly.

Premium Band

White quartz worktops Surrey 152127 Silestone Blanco Stellar

White quartz worktops: Lumina Astral White

Lumina Astral White represents the current trend in sparkly worktops – small grain with small sparkles. We have seen and sold a number of stones with this look too, especially the Classic Quartz Ice Branco, but we like the finish and even more subtle approach of the Lumina product.

Premium Band

White quartz worktops Surrey 152713 Lumina Astral White

White quartz worktops: AG Simply White

AG Simply White is our own-brand take on the pure white quartz worktop. All the quartz manufacturers have a very pure white, and some (eg. Silestone) have several, but many of them are also very pricey. It costs money to filter the grains down to that pure, non-granular look. We have stocked this version for some years now at a very reasonable price, and have had good feedback from customers.

Premium Band

White quartz worktops Surrey 152713 Lumina Astral White

White quartz worktops: AG Carrara

AG Carrara was the first marble-look material we were able to stock at such a reasonable price. We have installed hundreds of slabs across Surrey, Sussex and South London, with excellent feedback from customers. You will not find a better deal in a Carrara type quartz worktop – we love this stuff.

Premium Band

White quartz worktops Surrey 152935 AG Carrara

White quartz worktops: Caesarstone Organic White

Caesarstone Organic White is a personal favourite out of mine. A white-on-white, limestone-look material, this Caesarstone has a lovely feel and is the kind of quality quartz you would expect from this big brand. Very white, but not hard to leave with, it is often teamed with grey doors, both in Shaker and more modern styles.

Premium Plus Band

White quartz worktops Surrey 152436 Caesarstone Organic White

White quartz worktops: Cimstone Cortina

Cimstone Cortina was the first long-veined quartz that we held in stock. A very white background guarantees its popularity, and delicate veining keeps it interesting. There is enough veining that it isn’t hard to vein-match at corners, upstands and sills either

Premium Plus Extra Band

White quartz worktops Surrey 152828 Cimstone Cortina

White quartz worktops: Cullifords Misty Carrara

Cullifords Misty Carrara is a superbly created Carrara marble copy with a soft long vein and a real translucent feel. It is available in both polished and satinato finishes at the same price – although our preference would always be to recommend the polished finish for ease of cleaning. This is a really high quality stone – as you would expect from the UK’s leading exotic stone wholesaler.

Premium Plus Extra Band

White quartz worktops Surrey 152243 Culliford Misty Carrara

White quartz worktops: AG Calacatta Gold

AG Calacatta Gold as we shared earlier in the week is the newest member of the Affordable Granite stock white quartz worktop gang. This is our first foray into stocking a proper big-vein quartz – and that we can do so with such a great stone at a reasonable price is down to the volume we are selling of Calacatta Gold! Big volume means big discounts which we pass on to you, our customer.

Premium Plus Extra Band

White quartz worktops Surrey 164333 AG Calacatta Gold

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